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RSS ModerateJew

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1 point

And when new information refutes it, just pretend it never happened, and keep repeating:

Yes, that's the left's tactic every time one of their lies in proven to be false. And earlier the FDA, France and the WHO were touting it. That's why Al provided no timeline of who said what, and when.

And as usual, if you search through left wing smear attempts, you will always find where they tell the truth late in the article in order to protect themselves from being sued for libel.

Your link, and I quote:

Studies published on this website have not been peer reviewed.

1 point

A man that sniffs women and children

As opposed to raping them?

Biden is accused of raping them.

And then bragging about it when he thought his mic was off?

I read the entire article. It never mentions unconsensual sex, so you lied to us.

1 point

It's not illegal to unmask with approval from a FISA court. It is illegal to lie to a FISA court in order to unmask.

-1 points

He is pushing exactly what his buddy Donald J. is WANTING to do! He's even pushing Hydrochloroshit!

So have scientists and the FDA. attack-coronavirus--it-might-just-work/amp/

0 points

IMPOSSIBLE! NOTHING is worse than Trump

A man that sniffs women and children, can't string two coherent sentences together, lied about his degrees in college, says restricting travel from China during a pandemic is racist, illegally unmasks Americans, and says "you aint black if you vote for someone else" is worse than Trump.

0 points

These are tough times for stupid little spoiled rotten narcissistic extroverted psychopaths with the dreaded red hat disease. Poor babies

What's tough for us about 80% of Coronavirus deaths being in blue areas and Vegas favoring Trump to win in a landslide?

1 point

You are at perfect liberty to expose yourself to a deadly contagion. You are NOT at liberty to expose others to it.

That's bizarre. Democrats take the opposite position on knowingly infecting someone with AIDS, which is far more deadly.

New California Law Reduces Penalty for Knowingly Exposing Someone to HIV

1 point

If you have KNOWLEDGE that the virus can be passed by ASYMPTOMATIC people, and YOU, personally infect someone who later dies, you can be charged with MANSLAUGHTER..

Yet you have no problem with this.

New California Law Reduces Penalty for Knowingly Exposing Someone to HIV

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