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RSS Mongele

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10 most recent arguments.
Mongele(643) Clarified
1 point

That's a good analysis of the twisted logic behind the promotional marches and continuing demonstrations highlighting the murder of this poor, innocent lil-old down-trodden Bongo.

There'll will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth for generations to come to mark this one awful event, anything but work.

The 100s of Bongo-on-Bongo murders every year don't mean a thing to the darkies.

2 points

Aided and abetted by the left-wing mainstream media the Democrats characterized everything Trump did as demonic.

Those of you who have worked for an employer (as opposed to for yourselves) will probably have experienced how easy and self-satisfying it was to have criticized the decisions made by top management and to spew out how you would have done things better, until you were thrown into the driving seat that is and got to see the big picture.

Well, it was exactly the same for the left-wing filth who are now in power and find that the world is a very different place than it was when they were back-biting from the side-lines.

The different media outlets are protecting Biden either by not publishing his gobbledegook or editing his incoherent ramblings to make this dangerous idiot appear to be at least partially normal;- no one could make him seem totally mentally normal.

What do I say;- SLAP IT UP YE.

1 point

Don't judge everyone by your own low standards of manhood.

Most present day whites are the descendants of fearless trailblazers who fought disease, hardship, hostile native Americans and desperate poverty to make the United States of America the mightiest country on earth.

Thank God yellow-bellied filth such as you were few and far between so the determined and courageous early pioneers were able to forge this great nation into the clear leader of the free-world where dirtballs like you can sit snivelling in the corner and get a free ride.


1 point

A picture of Floyd would make a pride of hungry lions back away from their kill.

America seems absolutely determined and totally committed to self-destruction and give pride of place the nation's filth.

Is there anyone with the courage to stand up for the values and principles for which so many100s of 1000s of our fellow Americans, past and more recently made the ultimate sacrifice to defend?

1 point

This grotesquely ugly and contemptable small-time hood is being promoted as some kind of folk-hero such as a latter-day Robin Hood by the unscrupulous media to promote the sales of their publications and increase viewing figures.

How the Bongos will wallow in self pity as they parade through the streets of our cities waving their placards of Floyd's unsightly face.

1 point

For just two instances look at what's happening to San Francisco, Los Angles.

The lefties have either turned these once beautiful, and thriving cities into shitholes for vagrants, druggies and criminals or are in the process of doing so.

Americans sit idly by as the progressives turn their nation into one big Third World, lawless tip-head.


1 point

The loony lefties and progressives would have you believe that these murders and general rise in violent crime since the reduction in police numbers have been committed by covid-19.

All investigations of the prime suspect however have failed to establish either motive or opportunity.

Bill de Blasio is the epitome of the classic bull-shitter whose left-wing policing policy has returned New York to the crime infested hole it was in the 1970s and prior to Giuliani sanitising the shit created by the lefties.

Shithead politicians pursuing their madcap left-wing political ideology is sort of understandable but the real dummies are the fools who vote the destroyers of cities into power.


1 point

Maybe its not her husband.

If he's masked-up and sheathed-up it could be the butcher from down the road giving her his meat and two veg., thrice weekly.

Mongele(643) Clarified
1 point

There are many publications claiming that how the math., curriculum is compiled and taught to students is racist.

These papers can be perused on Google.

Try not to laugh.

The shroud of niggerism and inward looking, so called progressive liberalism is smothering America.

1 point

I would be sure that this block on Indian visitors or immigrants is a prudent anti-covid-19 precaution.

The Indian variant of coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in the U.K., where 75% of new cases are of this strain.

The problem is that all Indian visitors or immigrant applicants have to do to gain entry to the U.S., is to go to Mexico and walk freely across Biden's open border.

Biden and his coven of bony handed witches can't even do wrong right.


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