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1 point

Well, we come down again to standard creampuff's ( I'm not referring to you as a creampuff, clearly you're anything but ) approach of backing away from confronting the crisis with resolve and a degree of ruthlessness.

This ongoing social catastrophe is a war being fought, half heartedly, on a number of fronts two of which are the drug barons/suppliers/vendors and the users.

All historical facts would indicate that we can forget about trying to beat the suppliers.

If you beat them into the ground in zone B they pop up in area C shortly afterwards.

So, we then look at the users and recognize that existing junkies are not worth the effort or expense of trying to rehabilitate.

Leave them to rot in the quagmire of their own shit.

Now we turn our endeavours and resources to the children of our nation and launch a hard-hitting program of education based on indoctrination techniques.

The anti-drug message must be unrelenting and graphically depicted with the most gruesome illustrations.

Of course the progressive virtue signalling cream-puffs along with some vote conscious politicians will be very much against such measures.

It's clear that the same-old, same-old isn't going to work.

1 point

Yeah, well, okay.

We must then conclude that the psyche' of the average American is inherently flawed.

It would have been impossible to have been reared in a poorer family than mine but taking drugs, or being involved with drugs was an absolute no-no.

Making excuses for the deadbeats only serves to spur them on with their anti-social habits.

Explaining to the spoilt brats , just how it is right between the eyes without the sugar coating and less pampering would be a good start.

1 point

Well, now that you ask, no I don't know for sure that all 75 million of the electorate voted for Trump any more that I know that all 80 million Democrat supporters voted for Biden.

The upshot is that there are many millions of Americans who are feeling cheated and disenfranchised without a leader.

This political void may be filled with ''The GRAPES of WRATH''.

The withdrawal of normal channels of communication to Donald Trump may inflame the desire for vengeance by many of his more militant supporters.

But, the jubilant Democrats know what they're doing.

Mongele(71) Clarified
1 point

Without having researched the topic in depth my knee-jerk response is, yes, legalize drugs.

This would release the agencies of law and order to pursue other crimes and eliminate the gangsters who control the entire industry from manufacture to street vending.

Actually, this exchange has made me think, are there more sinister forces at work preventing the legalizing of narcotics?

The drug industry must be one of the most lucrative businesses in the world and its legalization would take $ billions away from the drug barons.

Anyway, the message we should be putting out is;- don't START taking drugs, and if you've started, STOP.

1 point

Can't agree with you there.

If someone, young, old or indifferent is clearly and graphically told that if they stick their genitalia into a food blender they're not going to have much of a sex life but proceed to do so, then all we can do is laugh and try to clear up the mess.

The one thing which ''lockdowns'' illustrated was the dependency so many people have on booze and illegal drugs.

It is dangerously wrong to give encouragement to these wasters by excusing their anti-social habits as acceptable youthful exuberance.

These poor naive youths steal, mug and kill people to fund their addiction.

No one has the answer to how to reduce drug taking in their back pocket but we can all see that the methods we're using to combat this out-of-control crisis is not working.

One, suggestion would be to significantly increase the message of the dangers of drugs in schools, youth associations, gyms, Universities any anywhere were people meet.

We can all play our part.

In the gym, young males ask me how to get bigger arms, or stronger legs.

I tell them that I will give them sound advice if they promise never to take steroids. Then I go on to give them a mini lecture on the pitfalls of taking any form of illegal drugs.

I guess some of them are sorry they ever asked me in the first place.

2 points

The difference between drugs and lethal weapons, such as firearms and knives is that weapons are made to kill, injure or intimidate other people and not the bearers

Drugs are meant to be taken by pleasure seeking hedonists or the weak-minded who cannot face the harshness of life's realities without a crutch.

Due to the addictive nature and dangers of illegal substances being pretty well unknown during the 1960s and perhaps the early 70s the junkies of that era could possibly be forgiven for becoming hooked on drugs.

Since then however, everyone, even the dogs in the street know the nightmares waiting for anyone who is sufficiently stupid to take up the habit.

So, what we're seeing here is a display of nature's;- 'natural selection'' process whereby the stupid and weak-minded destroy themselves thus leaving more room for the strong-willed achievers to flourish and advance the evolution of superior human beings.

Leave the useless junkies to flounder and die in their self-made hell-holes.

As nothing in nature goes to waste, the rats can dispose of their useless carcasses, just as NATURE INTENDED.

1 point

Well, I guess there are none so blind as those who do not want to see.

You start off by asserting;- no Trump should not have his feet in political power any more and then state that you did not dismiss the 74 million citizens who voted for him.

To repeat, there is no point trying to make a dim wit understand good old fashioned common sense, or those blinded by prejudice see what is blatantly obvious.

So, be gone dear lady, I've done with you.

Mongele(71) Clarified
0 points

Well, thanks for that but what you've done is what so many others have done.

You've glibly dismissed out of hand the votes of some 70/75 million American citizens.

The number of people who voted for Trump is greater than the entire population of the U.K., or France.

Yet withal you're saying, hey you guys, get lost, your a bunch of insignificant hillbillies who only voted for Donald Trump because you're too stupid to know any better.

These millions of people voted for Trump because he listened to their concerns and because they have been overlooked and ignored by the political elite for decades.

The silent majority spoke at the ballot boxes in 2016 and they now feel (wrongly I believe) that they were cheated out of their victory.

I'm strongly of the opinion that the ballot box option must, absolutely must remain available for those Trump supporters, of whom I am NOT one.

Trump has been ostracized by the media so 75 million people have not only lost their champion but their means of expressing their opinions.

I think you'll find that it isn't going to a a case of ;- AND EVERYBODY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

1 point

One of the elements of good management is to identify a problem and deal with it before it becomes a crisis. THAT'S BEING PRO-ACTIVE.

Mongele(71) Clarified
1 point

Who would formulate and present the arguments along with the merits of each individual ideology?

Everything, including politics needs to be organized and in many cases to be presented to the public in a manner they can understand.

Most people like to belong to a tribe and if the tribal structure is removed they form small groups of squabbling factions.

The point of my question was to suggest that the formation of a third party headed by Donald Trump would be pro-active.

If we travel some 3000 miles east to Northern Ireland, U. K., we can observe that after 30 years of murder and destruction the I R A were brought into the political system about 20 years ago.

Their participation in politics through Sinn Fein has saved 1000s of lives and 10s of 1000s of jobs.

It took the Brits 30 years to come to the conclusion that 'jaw-jaw was better than war-war.

I contend that it would be better to snip any likelihood of armed insurrection in the bud and don't wait for the streets to be littered with dead bodies and scared with burnt out buildings.

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