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RSS MonkeyPox

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2 points

Oh I understand it. That's why I use the term "The Establishment".

1 point

Here you go. Easy as pie to find someone. Heck, it even has their relatives and their addresses as well. And if I can do it, the feds, the DHS, the CCP, etc can definitely pinpoint someone's ass.

1 point

They track your phone and can see your political posts on this site. They know your IP address even with VPN protections. Your bank is online. And to my point, banks have shut down Kanye West's accounts, not for breaking a law, but for saying things they don't approve of. Mike Lindell was never once raided for anything. He said he voted for Trump. Got raided by the FBI at a fast food restaurant parking lot. A former President has now been raided. They had people working at Twitter bro. You catching on yet?

1 point

Can you be specific?? I dunno WHO "they" and/or "them" is, and I dunno what "targeting" is..

They is the Democrat establishment and its corporate partners. Targeting is raiding your house, investigating you, censoring you etc.

Do you think, that in liberal Seattle, he has a sign in his yard saying he's a right winger?

No, but he'd best not ever say what he is out loud.

Do you think the people who WOULD target him for something - anything, know his name or where he lives??

Yes. His info is all over social media and the internet just like everyone else.

Do you think he wanders around town in a red, white, and blue Trump costume?? Do you think he has Trump bumper stickers all over his car? The only outward sign of his politics, is the Prius he drives.. Oh, that's right.

In others words he shuts up about it because he knows the left would target him as if it were an authoritarian state run by a cult.

Dude! Turn off the FOX News.. It's rotting your brain.

Who covered the Hunter Biden story, Fox News or the trash you watch?

1 point

Black transgender woman are targeted by hate crimes more than any other group right now.

Per their percentage of the population, black men commit most violent crimes and most hate crimes against Asians. You going to speak on that? Of course you aren't. The woke religious cult members will hunt you down like an animal. You aren't allowed to think for yourself, therefore you are not to be taken seriously by the grown ups in the forum.

And it's not "black woman are". It's "women", plural. Learn to speak English and get these cultists out of your brain. You look like some kind of brainwashed child from Children of the Corn.

1 point

Considering cis-gender men commit most the violent crimes

Seeing that gender doesn't exist, and the left can't define what a man or a woman is, it's impossible that cis gender men even exist. You guys wanna play the woke religion game? Let's play.

it is irrational to be trans-phobic.

Well, they do have the highest suicide rate of any demographic, so excuse us if we don't think kids need that crap programmed into their brain at drag queen story hour at the library. Keep away from our kids.

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