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0 points

Yeah... That's what right wingers think..

That's what right wingers watch when a black man dares to disagree with a white leftist.

Of course, it's racist as hell..

Pointing out that white Democrats only think black lives matter if those black lives vote them into power is the opposite of racism. It's an attempt at freeing them from their white supremacist overlords that oversee their white supremacist cities.

And, you don't even know why. It's OBVIOUS, yet it goes over your right wing head.. Would explaining it help?? Nahhh.. If you don't get it now, you ain't never gonna.

This sounds like you concerning why calling voter IDs racist only towards blacks is clearly racist or starting a sentence with the words "you aint black unless" is racist. Or why having segregated dorms and graduations at liberal colleges is racist. Or why whire leftists glorify Margaret Sanger to this day despite her being a white supremacist who used abortion to keep the black population down is racist. It just goes right over your head.

But, I WILL tell you this.. As long as right wingers PERSIST in this type of endemic racism, you'll NEVER get the black vote..

Can't be true. The left runs every endemically racist city and institution in America. Blacks vote for them.

4 points

The advice given to him by the WHO was no need for a travel ban and that the virus can't be passed human to human. The left even quoted the WHO to prove that Trump's ban was racist. content/2a70a02a-644a-11ea-a6cd-df28cc3c6a68

1 point

You dodged the question completely. I'll remind you. Can a company that no longer exists be taxed by Democrats?

1 point

Are you free to catch the virus if you want to?

People were infecting each other with viruses for thousands of years. You never bitched once until your white, Democrat masters told you to. You prove day in and day out that you don't understand how to quit being a slave to these animals. We tried to make your peoples' lives better. Instead you retreated to your old owners and their fields. Hey, if you want to pick the fields for another hundred years, I guess that's your right, so go for it. You don't deserve to be free until you yourself believe it.

1 point

Are you free to catch the virus if you want to?

People were infecting each other with viruses for thousands of years. You never bitched once until your white, Democrat masters told you to.

1 point

Maybe he's confused as to what the definition of patriotism is. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he really thinks licking China's feet is patriotism.

1 point

Dude! Nixon died in 1994.


In 1994, 34 year old Obama was teaching Constitutional law at the University of Chicago.


I don't think he had a team then, and if he did I don't think they cared much about Nixon.


DUDE! Turn off the TrumpTV channel.. It's rotting your brain.

Snowden, Flynn and all of those texts, documents, and emails aren't right wing. John Brennan admitting to spying on the Senate under oath isn't Fox News.

Maybe you should turn off the left wing media trying desperately to cover for their party despite a pile of evidence 100 miles high, and listen to something not left wing to decide for yourself what all of that evidence means.

1 point

Maybe it IS time to get a different nominee. Maybe it's time to nominate a GENERAL, with a love for democracy and some loyalists of his own, to elect HIMSELF! I never thought I'd wish for a military coup in the United States, but, every day we swing more toward authoritarianism

Your party is arresting people for surfing and holding hands in public while flipping the bird to inalienable rights, not to mention illegally spying on Americans. People are fleeing to get away from the maniacs you put into power so they can survive and work.

-1 points

we see convicted "friends" let out of prison

Explain why you are okay with thousands of inmates being let loose with only one exception being Manafort. Then explain why you were okay with the mass pardons of Obama's friends.

With every day, we see the justice Dept. undermined, we see every legitimate Inspector General Watchdog replaced with a "loyalist"

You must have missed the 8 years that Obama was President. He cleaned house on day one and replaced everyone with loyalists.

His CIA director was illegally spying on Senators, including Democrats, and now we know he was illegally spying on the incoming administration.

1 point

Is Obamagate the new birtherism??

Nice attempt at misdirection by trying to combine two things unrelated together. We saw the testimony of Snowden, emails, unclassified documents, and text messages. Your boy and his team were illegally spying on their opponents like Nixon. If you were principled, which you aren't, you'd hold Obama to the standards you hold Nixon to, seeing what Obama did was far worse.

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