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RSS Morgie7171

Reward Points:85
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10 most recent arguments.
4 points

You dont get a trophy in real life if you file a paper or do your job (unless you are an athlete) so why should children at sports events?!?!

1 point

then where can i buy this flying car that the government has apparently already come out with??

1 point

Im not sure i can agree with you. Though you are right about not holding my breath. I think in a few decades we will be evolved enough.

1 point

thx ... srry bout the stupidest person thing...... didnt mean it... some one else pissed me off....

1 point

Ok well you dont have put out your personal info and you dont have to add them so....

0 points

Well Edward is sweeter and a better person and for that I love him... but Jacob is wayy HOTTER!!!!!!!

1 point

yeah but you can always add people that you dont know. And you can see who they really are.... But you are right about me creating things on createdebate that are against it..... i just didnt think of it =)

1 point

You must be VERY stupid!!!!!!!! Can you ride an airplane that goes 3feet in there air? thats how the travel and of course they dont go that fast. You are the dumbest personin the world!!!!!

1 point

Hahah ShiroSama...?? u used to love him sooooo much!!!!! HAHAH but NigaHiga is soooo much better

1 point

Okay.....but you could easily remove the thing you said and everybody would forget about it eventually.

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Winning Position: Hannah Montanna Forever

About Me

"Love Creating and Debating. My Debates and Arguments will be about important things that are well...... important =)"

Biographical Information
Name: Morgie O'Hare
Gender: Girl
Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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