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RSS MrCapitalist

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2 points

Not now. In the future? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But definitely not now.

1 point

Then go grow your own food instead of bitching online, you paranoid cunt.

1 point

School should start at the time it does now. It is perfectly normal to have to start school at 8 AM or earlier because they day ends at around 3-4 PM. If it were any time later, school would end at 5-6 PM or even later depending on what time it starts. Knowing that it would start later, it would also end later, which defeats the purpose. The problem is that students do not get enough sleep or nutrition, leaving them not at their best. Simply sleep at a time knowing how long it takes you to fall asleep, how many hours you need as a teenager(8-10) and how long it takes you to ready up in the morning to go to school, as well as when school starts. Go to bed earlier than when you sleep if you have troubles going to sleep, and prepare accordingly.

1 point

Yes, not just students, but everyone should have homework. It helps us fuel our brains with knowledge and help us understand more, and learn more. Homework doesn't have to be a piece of paper with a bunch of questions. Everyone should be doing homework everyday, whether that is assessing their actions at work, creating ways to be more efficient, or simple as deciding what TV show to watch. Homework is great, it helps get things done and helps us know what we're doing more.

2 points

Television itself is not inherently negative. Aside from possibly having worse eyesight, television itself does not directly harm people. Depending on what you believe, what you like, and what you think, television is positive, or negative. It all depends on what you watch and what you believe is good or bad. You could be watching news, which informs you of what is going on in the world, which is positive. You could be watching a reality TV show, and based on your own beliefs, that could be positive or negative. It all depends on the individual and their lifestyles.

1 point

The use of right and wrong is subjective. The question asked is all based on our morals and what we believe, not necessarily getting down to the root question: Did killing the Jews serve positively towards Hitler's goals? The answer is yes. Hitler wanted to rid of the inferiors, and he considered Jewish people inferiors, and by ridding of them all, he accomplished his goal, perhaps not to the fullest extent, however they are accomplished.

1 point

The question asked has no answer. There is no collection of evidences stating towards God being non-existent nor is there any evidence or lack of evidence stating God exists at all. The question itself cannot be answered or vice verse.

2 points

Yes. America should have gun control, as stated in our amendments-we have the right to bear arms. The purpose of a gun is to protect yourself and the ones you love so the guns themselves are not the issue that should be debated. It is how they are used and when they are used. The person using the gun should know exactly what type of situation they are in and if said situation required killing to protect you or others, then so be it. However, if the situation is not dire and does not require killing to protect you or others, use the gun in a way that only injures the person you are protecting yourself from. Or you could simply let them know that you have a gun and tell them to back away from you, and if they react negatively and come at you with violence, act accordingly.

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About Me

"Male, heterosexual, republican, atheist and a capitalist. You need not know more of me."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist

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