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RSS MrFelpe

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2 points

It can cause diseases, but doesn't mean it will. It's meant to protect the developing penis. A religious reason is no better than a cosmetic reaso. Islamic people mutilate the clitoris of women, this is basically the same thing. Keeping the foreskin will do no harm in the majority of the population. Although some people do do it as a religious identifier, why not do it later in life? Give The guy the choice. It'd mean a lot more spiritually if he gets to make the conscience choice

MrFelpe(35) Clarified
2 points

You're correct, except that illegal immigrants do pay taxes. In the United States, everyone needs a viable SS number to work. Most illegal immigrants get "falsified" ones. They pay taxes into the system that most won't be able to use later.

2 points

Yes it should be. No parent should be able to change any part of their child's body for cosmetic reasons. Plus it is painful to the infant. If the Guy wants to do it when he's older then that will be his choice. If it causes issues, then sure, remove it.

2 points

It sure is a big risk. My gay friend refuses to date bisexual guys or even to get involved with them. He says that half the time they are 'shady' and two faced. Plus, he knows they probably crave the beauty of the female form, something he says he can't really Provide. Therefore, there is higher chances of them cheating and what not.

1 point

A religion is not responsible for the actions of extremists. Should we consider Christianity an issue because the KKK is Christian? Nope, I don't believe so. Extremists commiting terrorists acts is an issue though, I agree. Uncontrolled immigration is not as bad as you might think. History has shown that there has been times of an influx of immigrants, yet they never posed a real threat or even harmed the economy significantly. Maybe in these troubled times of debt we are scared, but only because we aren't secure because of our high national debts. Socialist ideas are not all that bad. I agree that right now, adding more spending isn't the best idea. However, taxing the rich extra (most have way more money than they will ever need, use) and give back to the little guys would be a good solution. Mostly because these little guys already owe most of their money to the rich before they even get to see it. Finally, conservatives in the USA want to go to war again, and that's what caused the darn national debt in the first place! So they're not a good option either. Switching from liberals and conservatives in this debt system offers no real solution, that's why it's such a huge issue

MrFelpe(35) Clarified
1 point

I stated the U.S. national debt as the main issue in the paragraph. The second paragraph was just a secondary argument/question from this debt system we use.

2 points

Not only did they see it figuratively, he gave them hope. He reinstated the military for the defense of the country. He helped I'm rebuilding and fortifying the German infrastructure. He also fought to regain "German" territories stripped after WW1. He was a terrible human being and did disgusting things, but I can see why he was voted in and loved in the beginning.

1 point

True, but even with insurmountable evidence that leaves with beyond a doubt that the theory is true, it still has the slight chance of being proved wrong. Theories can be disproven, the Big Bang is just what makes sense right now with what we know and with what we can interpret from that evidence.

1 point

Yes, it is a plot to dehumanize them. You say someone is not a citizen and automatically all their rights are stripped. Just look at what we call illegal people. We call them illegal aliens. It's a lot easier for people to get behind you and criminalize people, when you don't even call them people. I come from two illegal parents and I have been a proud American my whole life. You say we don't assimilate and that's completely false. You say we survive off of welfare and steal your money and jobs and that's also completely false. There is no other reason that most republicans are trying to get rid of us other than fear. They were against gay marriage because of fear, they are against some women's rights out of fear. They don't want to ban guns out of fear. I have no idea why they fear the majority of us, but we are not hear to harm any Americans or the American way. We are here to be a part of it and help the country grow as we ourselves grow economically.

MrFelpe(35) Clarified
1 point

Yes it's 18 here, but it isn't always rape. If a 16 year old has sex with another 16 year that isn't necessarily rape. Could rape have taken place? Sure ...but not everyone sexual interaction in highsschool is rape. Now, this case in question is always rape. I do agree with that.

Winning Position: Yes, we need a change

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"My goal is to be as respectful as possible and to keep an open mind at all times."

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Gender: Guy
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
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