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RSS MrGnome

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1 point

Totally against the NWO cornavirus hoax! This is very obviously being used to force vaccinate everyone, destroy the economy, cause food shortages, etc! The BLM protest stunt showed the cornavirus was once again a complete joke! The governors and mayors saying it's ok for BLM protesters NOT to wear mask but everyone else had to exposed their hoax! The deep state is getting very sloppy and it's even starting to become obvious to even the lower IQ part of the population!

MrGnome(45) Clarified
1 point

Been increase of states taking the religious exception away! So that wont even be option for parents anymore. They're slowly trying to change the local and state laws to force it on everyone!

1 point

I call bs on people living longer and more healthy! Would you like to explain to me why the younger gen has more old people illnesses in this time and age? How about kids having diabetes, mental illness, autism, immune disorders, seizures, , kidney failure, arthritis. Oh yeah we are sooo much healthier!sarcastic

Now they might live longer with cocktail of pharm drugs like a half brain dead zombie but the quality of life I question is better! Sure they can keep you alive like brain dead coma patient on a machine. But if you can even call that life is whats debatable! Would you like to explain how all those young girls that took the Mitt Romneys funded Gardasil vaccine landed up half paralyzed in wheel chairs? Blind naive dick suckers like yourself always land up in the slaughterhouse first! Your actually not smart your just good at being regurgitator of useless repeated propaganda! People like you don't wanna think for yourself, it's too scary! I find you common sense dumb, to trust a pedophile making a vaccine!

1 point

Haha yeah Billy really helped out the India people! Paralyzed and killed many them with his stupid vaccines! And of course your one of those idiots that takes everything trumps says out of context. He never told anyone to inject lysol you little liar! And to be honest I don't worship Trump. I'm very angry about some the stuff he did. But also do not fall for low IQ stabs like Russian Delusion hoax, stormy daniels, how he drinks his water, etc! And also not a Republican or Democrat! government-corruption/gates-globalist-vaccine-agenda-a-win-win-for-pharma-and-mandatory-vaccination/

1 point

I see common sense is alien to you! Good go ahead a trust pedo Billys vaccine! I won't be getting it nor do I think I need it. Haven't taking any vaccines for 15 years and don't get the common cold for 3 years. I know people that get the stupid flu shot and get sick 3 times of year.

They don't work it's complete money making scheme! Even the first guy who administer the vaccine killed his whole family, I believe in the 1800s. It was not successful and based on flawed science! They admit the flu virus constantly mutates anyway. So all you idiots are doing is injecting yourself with heavy metals and aborted baby cells and 100s of unneeded chemicals. Than of course they try to cover up DDT spraying in the 40s which led to polio symptoms. And then give the vaccine when the polio numbers were already dropping! Even the polio vaccine benefits are debatable! And please how did our ancestors ever manage before vaccines? Take your Bill Gates vaccine and shove way up your ass!

1 point

Don't worry old Billy boys not out the woods yet! :D That also goes for 100 of other sickos that was on his Lolita express plane. One being Prince Andrew who got kicked out the royal family and disowned. Princey Andrew was also on the list! And Weinstein is rumored to be ratting them out. He was supposed get about 50 years but was cut to 23 years. I wonder why? Just have to wait to see what happens shall we BurritoLunch?

And also Billy is being heckled almost everywhere he goes. He's not a very popular guy right now! Billy also mentioned wants to track us with his little digital tattoo or chip! Also Billy never programmed DOS he bought it from some poor bastard for about 50,000 dollars. Than he works for apple for few months and steals the gui system! Oh yeah Billys such a trustful person right?

1 point

If the vaccine works why would you be worried about catching from someone unvaccinated? Shouldn't the vaccine protect you from covid19 anyway bud? Shows you don't have much faith in the vaccine if your worried about this guy not vaccinating! If they ever try coming to my door and forcing it I feel sorry for what's gonna happen to the poor bastards after i'm done with them! This isn't a dictatorship or communist country yet bud! You wanna force stuff on people move to China!

1 point

Yeah generally but this is a completely new way of making them! Please feel free to be the first guinea pig! "This vaccine, unlike traditional vaccines, has been developed using ribonucleic acid (RNA) technology. If successful, the cutting-edge method could revolutionise vaccine development for future disease outbreaks."

1 point

That's pretty wild stuff! Convinces me even more this covid19 was well planned out!

1 point

Yeah it's getting bad one more month of this and people might start starving! Trump better stop listening to that little gremlin Fauci and reopen the economy. I swear Fauci is now president of United States!

The creepy plastic smiling bastard told Obama to give 3.7 million for bio warfare bat research related to the cornavirus family! Also been big butt buddies with Bill Gates since he was 26. Lots of conflict of interest in my opinion! Fauci was also in during the Ebola scare and never pulled shutting the whole economy down for it. In my opinion Ebola was alot more scary than this hyped up flu virus. But no Fauci let them bring in infected ebola patients to United States from Africa. Now all sudden he's concerned about a flu virus? biowarfare-bat-research/

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