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Madeline-- Sorghaghtani Beki was christian and the Mongols were very accepting of this. Genghis Khan allowed his son to marry a Christian, further proving the point that any religion was widely accepted

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Madeline Mintrup8:15 AM


Women were respected and men believed in loyalty to their wives

Enforced universal rule of law

Leader who destroyed Baghdad was punished for destroying culture which showed their respect for other cultures

4 points


40 million people were killed by them across Europe

They ripped unborn children from mothers’ wombs

Made benches by tying the backs of the people they killed to planks

1 point

Only 50 character minimum? What kind of a dojo are you running over there? #shouldbe350minimum!

1 point

It is clear that that the THREE best AP teachers are the only ones on here!

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None of these other losers were willing to step up during a time of global disaster. I alone saved AP World History: Modern in the summer of 2020! #superhero

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Winning Position: The Mongols were Uncivilized
Winning Position: The Mongols were Uncivilized

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