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RSS Mruniverse

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Dude wtf are you talking about, its fun because its fun! If it were legal it would be awesome because almost nobody would experience paranoia or anxiety when high, because it would be legal!

1 point

Lol dude one of my good friends smokes pot everyday and has been for a year, he is currently the valedictorian of our high school... He also goes to work everyday while high as does exactly the same as everyone else!?!? Do you still think pot makes you stupid?

1 point

yes i would agree i haven't, but that would kill a man pretty fast, whereas being buried alive would take about 72 hours to kill you from dehydration, and during this time your scared out of your mind!

2 points

It has also taught people to brainwash their kids into rejecting scientific theories, to be against homosexuals (i actually argued with a woman that honestly believed homosexuals were possessed by demons, and she learned all this from her church), and that you should believe a 2000 year old book which has no evidence for it (that creates stupidity)

1 point

I think homosexuality is fine because i am a moral person!!!!!

If two people love eachother nothing should be able to keep them apart, and not to mention that homosexual acts have been recorded in hundreds of animals! so not only is it natural but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it in the first place, the world is very overpopulated as it is we dont exactly want more kids.

also a sin isnt morally right or wrong, a sin is an act that goes against a divine power or law. So some religions say that its a sin, but if you look at almost all the 'is god real' arguments on this website you will see that the atheists are winning :P

1 point

It went nationwide within a month then global shortly after :P they wont be able to quiet this down now

1 point

There are billions of galaxies in the universe all of which hold hundreds of billions of solar systems, I'm sure that there are numerous planets in our universe which hold life, however i think its unlikely that we will ever make contact unless we really upgrade our engine speed

1 point

Yes, with all the problems going on with this world from war, global warming, famine, religion, political corruptness, etc. Ya i would say we are completely fucked

2 points

No, because if you need money to buy food then that doesn't give you the right to rob a man on the streets for it ( i hope someone understands what I'm trying to say here)

0 points

pirates are like the drunks of the sea, whereas ninjas are stealth assassins

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About Me

"AngryLiberal... that's all there is to say"

Biographical Information
Name: Jonathan Wachholz
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 78728
Religion: Atheist

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