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1 point

Sarah Marzouk -

I respectfully disagree, people go on social media with a mindset on one point of view and once they get informed on other information they slowly start to get the other side or at least get to choose because at this point they are informed on both sides and that is important for democracy. Usually people join social media and the side that they choose to support is mainly someone that they blindly followed but with other people giving there point of view and side in the story with evidence people begin to understand.

1 point

Sarah Marzouk -

I disagree with this because social media isn't the only place that fake news, news channels also tell fake news or be bias, that is why it is important to get your information from different places to be able to hear the stories from different points of view.

1 point

Sarah Marzouk -

I disagree because

“a majority of millennials had posted in the past week on social media about the issues they cared about.”

That is the main point that people get to voice out there opinions.

1 point

Sarah Marzouk -

Blind following the blind is a real thing and that is why it is important to have social media, social media gives a chance to voice out a variation of people's opinions.

0 points

Sarah Marzouk -

Social media is not just an effective aggregate of mainstream media and news sources — it can empower the underrepresented and serve as a magnifying voice for underrepresented issues.

1 point

Sarah Marzouk -

I disagree with this because social media has actually brought lots of people together by a greater amount of number,

For example The Women's March is an example of this, where a grandmother with an internet connection wrote a post that led her friends to start a Facebook event that eventually turned into millions of people marching in cities around the world.

1 point

This is a very good point because we don't need social media. If people need help with stuff they can go to therapy or call a hotline. This will get them the help they need and they can stay safe while getting it. Our democracy will be able to run better because there will not be the risk of getting attacked for sharing their views.

1 point

I agree with this a lot because in a democracy people are supposed to be able to share their ideas with the world. But, social media has began to lead this downhill. As people share their thoughts and ideas with the world they start to get harassed and torn down, just for not having the same views as other people.

1 point

There are lots of fake news sources that people do not know about, which can lead to false information spreading everywhere.“In the final three months of the US presidential campaign, the top-performing fake election news stories on Facebook generated more engagement than top stories from major news outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post etc.” This can definetley hurt our democracy because people could think something is good, but in reality it could be bad. Social media is hurting democracy. Lacey Compas

2 points

I agree with this because democracy needs to be a safe and kind enviroment to thrive at its best. Now with social media in the way, it can cause a dangerous and harmful place for people. Lots of people are getting bullied just for saying their ideas and that's not right. Lacey Compas

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