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RSS MuckaMcCaw

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10 most recent arguments.

I don't think you know what Liberals are. You are a Buddhist, you support pro-choice and gay rights...Over here that would make you a lefty.

MuckaMcCaw(1968) Clarified
1 point

I don't know about that, I think its pretty darned common actually. Politics being another example. Even things like sports and music can get bogged down by this. Extremists exist in all topics, I believe.

MuckaMcCaw(1968) Clarified
1 point

That's a tough call, really. Religions themselves are a form of philosophy, so the question is what exactly differentiates a religion from a more "mundane" philosophy?

Deities are not necessary for religion, and even if they were, Buddhism has room for them. The two things I consider to be universal amongst religions is some sense of faith based teachings and an explanation for the after life. And Buddhism both does and does not have those, it depends on the school of Buddhism being employed. Even amongst Zen Buddhists (which is just one branch of Mahayana Buddhism) there can be a sharp divide between the highly spiritual and arguably religious Zen practitioners and those who are more "practical" and arguably non-spiritual.

Due to the huge variety of practices within Buddhism and its intertwining with other religions in many parts of the world, I would say it can be practiced as a religion OR as a non-religious philosophy.

Thank you.

The comparisons are silly. Theism has long been the default state of most of the world, it is the majority stance in most nations, even in the modern world. Most theists take their theism extremely seriously, and the idea that someone could not believe in some kind of God is a bit of a culture shock for so many.

Things like skiing and golf just don't have the kind of global thrall and personal importance that theism implies.

Plus, "atheist" is a very old word that was initially used as an insult by theists. As time went on, it earned its place as a legitimate philosophical doctrine.

Suicide is very selfish, perhaps one of the most egocentric thing someone could do.

It is one of the most personal decisions one can make, but that is not synonymous with egocentrism. It ultimately depends on why they are doing it. Many feel they are not worthy of being in this world, and that is hardly egocentric, if anything, its the opposite.

Because there are people all around them that love them and want what's best for them.

This is not always true.

And if you truly want what's best for them, maybe you should consider that suicide would really be that. Some people may experience their hopelessness indefinitely. They may genuinely have no interest in living anymore. If this is the case, is it not SELFISH to want them to stay alive, to suffer indefinitely and not exercise their ultimate freedom of choice just so YOU don't have to deal with pain of them dying. I'm sorry, but in those cases, THAT is the selfish attitude.

Besides, EVERYONE you know will die at some point anyway. Whether it is by their own hand or not doesn't make much practical difference.

A permanent answer to a temporary problem,

And if the problem is not temporary?

MuckaMcCaw(1968) Clarified
1 point

Buddhism does not require deities, but they are compatible within it. Often, Buddhism will morph with local religions and incorporate their pantheons. Thus, while Buddhism is formally atheistic, in many parts of the world it is practiced in an essentially polytheistic or sometimes even monotheistic fashion.

3 points

What makes you think the Big Bang Theory posits that the Big Bang came from nothing? This has rarely if ever been suggested by the cosmologists supporting the Big Bang. The only people who seem to believe this notion of the Big Bang are those who don't believe in it.

MuckaMcCaw(1968) Clarified
1 point

While questioning the existence and basic effect of gravity would be silly, its actual nature has all kinds of questions for physicists.

3 points

I don't hate, generally. That said, many GOP pundits, politicians and followers exhibit some variety of: heartless, scientifically-ignorant, self-important, fear and hate mongering, insulting, topic avoiding, lower-class detesting bullies.

And I don't like those types of people very much.

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"Beware the Mucka, for he hails from a land where the rules of efficacy are twisted and bizarre..."

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