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1 point

You haven't posted a single argument. Not one. Nada. Niente. I, on the other hand, have posted more than 20.

1 point

Perhaps this relates more so to immigrants...

You're embarrassing yourself by making an incorrect distinction b/w "immigrants" and "migrants". The former is specifically international, whereas the latter can be international, it has nothing to do with employment. The worse thing is the entire paragraph does not argue the point of culture and behavior.


What you're arguing is for Australia to continue accepting immigrants but filter them so that Australia only lets in the skilled people. The filtering process will drastically reduce the number of migrants coming into Australia. Which is the same as agreeing with me: that Australia should accept far fewer migrants.

1 point

My pet water bottle not carcinogenic, it really good, it blue and green and has white cap and everything.

1 point

show me the arguments that you think are "stupid" and "flawed".

1 point

Your argument is flawed from the definition of the word "migrant". Nowhere can I find in a definition the words "forced" or "unforced". It has nothing to do with being forced or not. A migrant is simply someone who has moved to another country. Convicts are migrants, refugees are migrants, asylum seekers are migrants.

1 point

Migrants are disruptive to the current stability and threatens to destroy the fabric of society existing in Australia today. They come in not knowing much about the Australian political systems, the current culture, so they can't really make an informed decision when it comes to voting, they behave in ways that may be normal in their home countries, but are unacceptable in Australia.

Not to mention they bring with them political problems from their home countries, so if they were at war with other groups in their home countries, they continue that war on Australian soil, etc... That, my friend, disrupts the current stability of the country.


On the education of the migrants: IT COSTS MONEY!

Money that we can use to better educate the people already in Australia, who ALREADY knows Australian cultures and systems.

1 point

You can't kill all the bees... if humans don't exist, species will still go extinct, it's natural to go extinct when your species can no longer adapt to changes in the environment.

Animals have rights? Rights can only be taken, they cannot be given. Just as gifts can only be given, never taken.

1 point

So you want to play god.

Saving every insect, every bird, every speck of life that is endangered by human activities? What a crazy idea. Truly. What makes you think we can?

Do wasps stop and say "wait a minute! we don't have to kill and eat bees, let's just feed on leaves instead"

1 point

Conservatives are boring... truly, I mean nothing really happens if conservatives get their way...

You can be like "let's do it this way!"

and they'd be like "nah... let's just stick to what always works...",

"but this other way works just as well if not better!",

"nah, it's too much work to change things...",

"but we might learn something new in the process!",

"nah, there's nothing new, it's all been done before...",

"C'mon! It'll be fun!",

"Nah.. it's cool... umm I mean it's ok, that's what I mean, I don't like fun anyways... you go ahead"

2 points

The fact that you're inconvincible is testament to your own stubbornness. There's nothing wrong with most of the logics and reasonings provided here.

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Tied Positions: No, let them do what they want vs. Yes they should be stopped
Winning Position: Good
Tied Positions: No vs. Yes
Winning Position: AMD
Tied Positions: Good in moderation vs. Bad
Winning Position: No, continue saving them.

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