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RSS NateDogg

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1 point
I'll never have to make the decision personally, but why not? I personally think they look great! Think about the 6 hottest girls in the last college class you had, now add fake breast to each of them, brilliant!
2 points
I understand people are dying. The thing is, when we went to war back in '03, a lot of people were on board, a lot of people who have now changed their minds. You cannot leave a project unfinished, and fact is, wer're not finished. I'd be worried if we pulled them out.
1 point
Either him or Randy Moss, I need some more excitement. Between him and Santana, JC will be hailin mary all day. We've tried quick fixes at every other position.
1 point
James Madison University???? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
1 point
Although ASU is legit!!! Weather, Attractive People, Sick Bars, you name it.... I don't think anyone who visited me in Morgantown would disagree with the fact that its definitely the wildest!!!
3 points
Im not a Dr. but I do believe a fetus is a human. Aborting it is playing gods role. With that said, look back at your past. Many of us have been in situations where a baby would be unbearable, faced with the pressures of a young life, an abortion almost would seem right. Isn't it scary that it would be readily available? You could get the procedure before even giving the idea much though. It shouldn't be an option. It should be illegal.
11 points
There is no means for a doubt. You hear amazing stories everyday. Adding to it, read the bible. How is it that each and every one of todays problems is told as a verse in the bible, with an amazing example of how to deal with it.
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Winning Position: What should we do with our Cruise stops in Key West and the Bahamas in a week an
Winning Position: Hell yeh!

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