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6 points

Trump is batshit insane, you don't need a Reagan repeat in a time like this. He was on the birther wagon then claimed personal responsibility for the re-releasing of the birth certificate so Americans would pay attention to something more important like I don't know.... the budget proposals. He frequently overstates his wealth and said that he exaggerated his wealth by 2 or 3 billion dollars. Organizations frequently estimate his wealth much lower than he says it really is and he is politically retarded. I don't like Obama but you can't do that to your country, might as well throw Palin in there.

1 point

I'm not really against it, but no politician is going to pass any sort of law that would make them submit to such a test. It's not in their best interest. Also sociopaths and pathological lyers can pass lie detectors, I would think politicians have some experience when i comes to lying.

4 points

Like Miss Maudie Atkinson from To Kill a Mockingbird once said, "There are just some kind of men who - who're so busy worrying about the next world they've never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results."


We get to not waste our only life on this planet concerned with a fictitious afterlife.

4 points

Your god is a fake god. I will not go to hell if i dont believe in him. I belive in a God that can take the human soul away at any moment


Do you see how your statements and arguments have nothing to them? You have no substance to justify your position above theirs, and they have none to justify theirs above

1 point

In which post did you mention this? The one that I just responded to?

If you are going to elude to me in another post then at least address me directly.

but I think that it is self explanatory why Christians are more deserving of their place in heaven as opposed to Muslims, Jews, atheists etc simply for the fact that they actually believe in Christ for starters.

And they think they are better than you because they believe in their prophets, can't you see your reasoning is the same but you just change the names and perspectives.

So what many including yourself have implied here in this debate about Christians getting to heaven whilst being an absolute pig, their faith is actually dead.

How do you get into heaven if your faith is dead?

You speak as though all atheists are kind, loving people living on a bunch of morals - that is absolute and utter bullshit.

Never did I claim anything about the morality of other atheists, nor the morality of all Christians. I never claimed all atheists are of superior moral standing, the only thing you can ever know about an atheist by them identifying themselves as an atheist is that they do not believe in a god.

Firstly, may I just state that many are not brought up "right" to "answer the God question".

First off that's not what I said, I said " but they were brought up to believe the "right" answer to the god question." By that right answer I mean that for example you, the right answer to the god question is to follow Jesus and believe in your god. If you are muslim the right answer is to believe in Allah and follow Muhammad.


Actually they are, faith has a huge amount to do with geography. If you are born in the middle east, chances are you will be muslim, if you are born in Israel, chances are you will be Jewish, and if you are born in the US then chances are you will be christian. Now obviously there is still variation among individuals but for the overwhelming majority where you are born i a major determinant in what you will grow up to believe.

No, I don’t have to do that. If I want those to share my faith, then shoving reasons down their throat on why to share my faith is never the right way to go about it.

Actually if you are going to assert that all other atheists and people of other religions are going to hell you are going to have to give damn good proof as to why your belief is more legitimate than theirs given the exact same claims.

On the other hand, is this an indirect way of you seeking to know more about my faith?


What claim did I originally make that you are referring to here? Specify which so that I can know what exactly you are asking.

The claim that you will go to heaven for having faith in your god, or hell for lack of it while those of other religions will go to hell for believing in their god?

We are equal human beings and both adults therefore I think we can find the goodness in us to respect each other for our differences.

reasonable enough.

Saying that, you have asked a fair few questions about my faith asking me to specify why it is the one true faith so is this a quiz of some kind or are you genuinely interested?

Its not a quiz but i genuinely want to know why you think your faith is the true one while all others are false. They all make equal claims that they are true, they all have holy books "legitimizing" their faith and make promises of heaven and hell for those who believe or do not. Many people around the world have the exact same beliefs as you but for their God and they see you the way you see me or other non believers of your faith.

1 point

Billie, you have yet to address any of the points I brought up about what makes your religion any more entitled to heaven than Islam etc, or what determines belief and why you should reward that.

Furthermore, for atheists to be claiming their destination to be heaven, they are contradicting their own non-belief system and in process are letting the world know that they believe in heaven/hell

The creator of the debate does not literally believe in hell, they are saying that based on values found in the bible that god supposedly values like compassion and helping others that atheists would get into heaven. Its called reading between the lines and clearly you are not capable of it

Lastly, to Nautilus, stop complaining about how its "unfair" that your brother gets to go to heaven

I never said it was unfair, I asked you that if you are to claim your God is all loving and all powerful, why does he reward evil, if everything about a person says they are living their lives as a terrible person but they were brought up to believe the "right" answer to the god question. So according to you, let me get this straight, it is better to believe in god than to be a good person, just getting this straight. Hitler believed in God, so does that mean he goes to heaven?

it is very clear what you have to do in order to get to heaven and God asks very little of you and for you to not even do that much puts you in the wrong and makes you very undeserving of an eternity with Him.

The muslim religion also asks this of me, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism etc all ask this of me. You have yet to address that your religion is any more true than the other. They all claim that their god is true and requires belief for reward or to avoid punishment, what makes your claim any different than theirs. As far as I'm concerned I have seen no evidence to make any of these other religions more or less legitimate, i will not believe in your invisible friend anymore than I will believe in their invisible friends.

1 point

Screw her, she gets no say in who I chose to love .

1 point

It also says in the Qur'an that if you believe that Muhammad is Lord you are saved. If you dont then you are not saved. Muslims that believe in Allah will go to heaven if they belive but ppl who dont know Allah and never knew him will not go to Heaven they will go to Hell. Heaven was made for people who believed in Allah.



Note that I'm not actually muslim, but muslims around the world would make the exact same argument as you from their point of view, what makes your side any more valid than theirs?

2 points

I am an atheist and I consider myself to be a very good person, I am nice, I don't discriminate, I help those who are less fortunate and I often will give to charity or volunteer. Now my brother is a complete asshole who would laugh at a homeless person to the street, he is totally self centered and is just a complete douche bag, however he happens to be christian. So you are telling me that if the christian God exists, he would send me to roast for eternity in unending torture and suffering simply because I require evidence as a prerequisite for belief, while my brother is rewarded for his earthly life with eternal bliss and happiness. What kind of a God would do that? What kind of an all loving, perfect God would allow a mean spirited and selfish asshole to go to heaven simply for believing what his parents told him to believe, while I roast forever simply for giving the wrong answer to the God question.




And consider this, if my brother had been born the exact same person but in a muslim household, he would be muslim because he is not the type of person to question what he is brought up to believe, he would accept Muhammad as his Lord and savior and see Islam as the only route to heaven just like you see Christianity as the only way to heaven. Now God would send him to hell for being the exact same person but being brought up to believe the "wrong answer to the God question". God is now punishing people for where they are born, something they have no control over. Belief in God seems like something God wouldn't value, because things like genetics, upbringing and geography arguably have more influence belief it than a personal choice does.

1 point

Yeah pascal's wager is a terrible argument, it does not make an argument for a particular god, nor does it give good reasons for worshiping that god, just that as a gambler you should at least choose one religion on the gamble that that religion out of many turns out to be true.

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