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RSS Nazerke

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1 point

A lot of people confuse pleasure with true happiness. But happiness is something that lasts much longer...

Money can't buy happiness. It only helps people to have sth they enjoy with. But just for short period of time.

You can buy a house, but you can't buy cosiness and warnth in it. Money can provide you with a big company that surround you, but it can't give you the true friends, that will love and be with you in any circumstances.

There are so many examples of people that have a lot of money but are very unhappy. And conversely, not so wealthy and rich people can be happy and satisfied with their lives.

I agree with that money can help people be happier. For example if people have money, they cannot worry about their children's future, etc.

But it's very important to not forget about life's true valuables in pursuit of money.

So what is happiness? As Denis Waitley said: "Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude."

1 point

It is very difficult question to answer to. Well, the argument of the "agaist" list is the inhumanity. I mean, the unborn children are not guilty. They have no choices, but they have rights to live. It's only the people's that made that child fault. Why has the abortion become so common and easy to do? They don't think that it's real crime, real murder. It's just like the games for them, the mistakes of youth.

But sometimes extreme circumstances happen. For example rape. Or the danger of "future" mother's life.

Well I'm saying that abortion should be legal but only for certain, really serious conditions. Otherwise the legal abortion can be the reason of indiscriminate sex and youth's irresponsibility.

1 point

Well, in my opinion, it's better to study in the best university of your country, than in any university of the USA. Because you should make a choice based on the knowledge given in the university, not the country. After graduation it would be much easier to find a good job because your university would be known as the best university in your country, and the employers would be sure about your aptitude. And an unknown university, even if it is in the USA, will make the employers hesitate.

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