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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You eady to ake that Robert Byrd statue down con? No? I didn't think so. That's the leader of your leftist cult. He designed your politics and strategies.

1 point

Um.... we are trying to keep people from invading more native lands and You keep bringing them in and ignoring the natives. You blame the land grab on the white man, then do another land grab.

1 point

Those liberal parts of the country have rampant std's, gun violence, crime and poverty. We should follow their model.

1 point

Ya know, not getting anywhere with North Korea, giving $150 billion in sanction lifts to Iran, being accused of being a terrorist by Turkey and Egypt, Obama personally declaring that the Libya debacle was "his biggest mistake", the Bengazi debacle, and the chaos caused by Obamcare- huge success. Ask any Democrat.

1 point

American leftists only follow Hitler's concepts in the minds of a few alt-right idiots and FOX trained "absorbers


Anti Israel

Pro Islam


Intense hatred for Russia

Media monopoly and mass propaganda

Monopoly on academia and the youth, and preaching of worldview to academia

Using violence to silence the opposition

Desire for government to have complete social control

Was that the Nazis or the modern Democratic Party? Answer? Both.

1 point

American rightist actually helped would-be American terrorists to build a gun

Obama left thousands of military grade weapons and vehicles in Iraq when we evacuated our military from the country. Would you like to hear more specifics such as estimated amounts and types, or are you good?

1 point

That's what the "deplorables" do.

Loving the generalization. All Muslims are terrorists. All liberals hate vets, the flag, white people, and Christians. I mean, that's just what Democrats do.

1 point

there are just MORE of them on the right

Are you certain on this? Last I noticed, the left was demanding safe spaces, claiming there were 48 genders, and led by a drunk woman and a jihadist. BLM completely took over a Bernie Sanders' rally and shouted him down and off of the stage, and began screaming into the microphone obscenities and racist remarks.

1 point

it's about time we face these issues instead of lying to ourselves and the world that we welcome all people

Should we welcome people who are commanded by the Quran to kill all non-Muslims and wage jihad on the "unbelievers"? And what would be the logic in doing so? Are we obligated to welcome aliens from the Omega Pan galaxy, who are hovering their mother ship over Earth with the phasers pointed at us, or would it be best that we blew them out of the sky if able.

We, the West, haven't had any major problems with Asians, Hindus, South Africans, Etc and integrating them nicely into our nations. We've only had major problems with people from the Middle East and the religion of death and oppression. It's not our fault their religion demands war with us. It's theirs. The Quran and Prophet Muhammad screwed it up and made peace with them impossible, not us.

1 point

A bunch of Israelis conducted a suicide mission on planes hijacked by Muslims from Saudi Arabia. Uh huh. Try to make that one stick.

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