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1 point

So far you've approved of running a President into a bunker, an attempted assassination of Brett Kavanaugh, rioting in front of a Supreme Court Justice's house (which is illegal), attacking a federal courthouse, taking over city blocks with guns and shooting 6 people, 5,000 gender pronouns, attacking the Supreme Court building, etc. Abortion laws aren't as crazy as any of that shit, so you'll be fine. You support crazy, so why stop now?

1 point

Hello racist:

Your party is literally saying "whiteness is a disease", has created segregated dorms, has held blacks only graduations, has dropped the "stop Asian hate" mantra since Republicans pointed out that almost all hate crimes against Asians are by a demographic that votes 90 percent Democrat, and has denied Asians entry into its colleges of which they've been sued and lost many times. You really have no room to talk seeing that the Republicans couldn't be as racist as the Democrats if they were paid a million dollars per person to give it a try. The fact that you don't condemn this means you are clearly a Hitlerian level racist. People like you are how Hitler got away with demonizing a race and mass murdering them. You are sick beyond all measure. You need to seek help while it can still be found.

Whiteness Is a Pandemic

Whiteness is a Disease

1 point

POOR Cubans, of course vote Democratic, as do ALL the poor peoples of the world

They overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump and most are registered as Republicans. You're a Democrat because you have no idea what's actually going on in this country.

1 point

I got it... So, when Kamala Harris DOESN'T say to migrants DON'T come, she's bad.. And, when Mayorkas DOES SAY to migrants DON'T COME, he's bad too..

When Donald Trump says it, he was bad for 4 years. In fact, you were one of them saying it. You left that part out. You also left out that in real life, Biden is smuggling in children from South of the border regardless of what Kamala says with her lips. 2021/05/20/tennessee-lawmakers-fuming-after-migrants-reportedly-snuck-into-state/amp/

2 points

Excon wants revenge on first race to end slavery while his race practices it still

Excon doesn't mind slavery. Otherwise he'd speak out against slavery that is happening now. He doesn't. He's just another fake, virtue signaling piece of shit that wants attention for a position rather than praise that comes because he got off of his ass and actually lifted a finger. He wants the free virtue points and not any work he'd have to do that would actually coexist with being virtuous. If actually doing anything were required to end slavery, he's out. African Americans in Africa will just have to suffer. He's busy.

1 point

I hereby condemn ALL the shity things people do to each other. Good nuff?

Not really seeing that you haven't condemned ANTIFA or the antimetism and attacks on Asians by the left, but dodge having to do so with a fake "blanket condemnation of bad things" so you don't actually have to condemn specific bad things. So, you're welcome to condemn the acts by name to prove you're not another fake, leftist piece of fake shit.

1 point

Ah, and there you are again blaming me for your own LIES. SEVENTY PERCENT OF WHITES are Christian:-

And most people in America are WHITE:-

The point was that most Christians in the world are not white. Giving us stats on America in no way proves him wrong. Are you dumber than dirt?

Since the settlement of Jamestown in 1607 and the start of the Colonial period, the U.S. has been predominantly white.

See above.

But you are a stupid fucking fascist liar who has been caught lying yet again.

You didn't prove him wrong. His claim was that most Christians on Earth are not white. You didn't disprove that. You just nonsensically jumped to trying to prove most Christians in America are white, which doesn't disprove or even relate to anything he said about most Christians on Earth not being white. You are so slow to grasp very simple points. I'm going to pray for you tonight, and ask God to replicate the few brain cells you have left. Maybe He'll be nice to you.

1 point

They use the bible because they know holding it up and flashing it around is the easiest way to control people.

How can you use the Bible to control a bunch of white, Democrat Nihilists who wanted prayer in schools gone?

Those who already feel anger and hate or even dislike towards a certain group see someone standing up and holding a bible and they think...."oh look, I'm justified in feeling this way".

Name us five examples.

It's a prop the wicked use to stoke the wicked in others.

The left cherry picks the Bible constantly in an attempt to use it as a weapon against the right, even though most of them personally don't believe a word of it.

When Pelosi said she prays for Trump I spewed my pop out of my nose. We all know there's not even one ounce of truth to that. You don't attack someone nonstop that you are praying for. She's a full fledged, self righteous zealot hypocrite.

1 point

Jefferson loved slaves - literally

You must be proud that the left went after statues of Lincoln, US Grant and the abolitionists. I'd hide for a few years in shame if I were you.

2 points

Nope. I don't have guilt for being white. I don't have white guilt for terrible things that happen such as police unjustly murdering a black man. I have compassion, and respect, and understanding that there is still inequality in America. I don't have to have "white guilt" to believe that.

I feel good knowing you empathize with Conservatives being censored and shadowbanned on social media and that you underatand that liberal policies are created to pad white egos and bribe blacks into perpetual second class status as a serf class, rather than to actually help black people.

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