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1 point

Spot on!! I really have nothing to add; however, it looks like I need to keep typing if I'm going to get "Spot on" published for you to see. Of course, had I read all the comments before responding to your first comment, I could have added "SO" to it. There. That surely must be 50 characters--it's bed time--no time to count.

NeverUTOG(49) Clarified
1 point

Oh, dear. With your smile, I take it you're just making a non-judgmental observation. Still, you've piqued my interest, so I'll have to check out Atypican--and you too!! :)

0 points

I'd take it even further and say that all religions are cults and by their very nature, dangerous. Notwithstanding that there can be good done by any religion, I think the good is far exceeded by horrific harm. E.g., whenever our respective governments decide they're going to war, they implement egregious forms of propaganda including the invocation of their particular form of god to gain public support

The U.S. showed enormous potential for being powerful on a legitimate level; unfortunately, it has elected to plunder and kill those in other countries that are rich in resources and vulnerable to attack. Whilst on the surface there is a separation of church and state, in practice it is entirely the opposite. While I find how Islam as practiced in Iran, Iraq, etc., etc. despicable, I'm not so sure that the U.S. and its allies are much better. This business of god being on our side defies good common sense.

3 points

It would be impossible for me to vote other than false until such time as you provide more details. I'm sure you could, but, as yet, you haven't. You should give it a go, cuz I think it could very well be interesting. I think, too, that the word, "intelligence" is far too nebulous. For instance, there are many who are in some sense intelligent in their own field of endeavours but are not necessarily well informed. There are others who are well informed but lack the ability to examine their findings and extrapolate. Perhaps I'm muddying the waters here, so best move on. I'm always open to criticism, so if you're so inclined, have at her. :)

2 points

I answer no surveys over the phone notwithstanding any claim that it's anonymous or otherwise. Because I have no idea for sure how or when my answers will be used or if my name can in any way be connected to any answers I may (but won't) give, I decline. My policy is that I don't answer my phone unless the caller's name (personal or business) shows up on my phone.

NeverUTOG(49) Clarified
1 point

P.s. My shift cap ain't working as it should--sometimes on; sometimes off, so where it's obvious that a cap should appear and it doesn't, blame my keyboard; better yet, provide some possible answers as to where the problem may lie. thx.

1 point

It's an interesting case study but I think it highly unlikely that any of us giving answers today would come up with the same ones when tested under fire.

there's also insufficient information. I would want to know how individuals of this entire group are acting at the time the boat is found--a clue to their characters would be useful

for instance, having a doctor on board COULD be a good thing, but if he's showing signs of nervousness under pressure, he may be no where near as stable as he is in his own private practice and is likely to go "wingy" as anyone else.

the crippled child might not necessarily be a hindrance. He may be just the type of individual who would instill hope and inspiration in the other survivors. He might be a poet in the making. surely his handicap does not define him as a would-be choice for survival.

I have little difficulty leaving the religious behind because those who would lead through the invocation of a mythical figure would just be a source of annoyance. besides, with such a fervent belief in a god, I would think that the religious would take this as a fortuitous opportunity to get "nearer my god to thee."

the alleged murderer may or may not be guilty..but even if he is, the crime he's been accused of may be a mercy killing. I would want that type along side of me just in case things got so bad I'd be begging for an easy out. alas, I am no heroine.

--and so on and so's not always what may seem obvious.....but then again.........

bottom line - sheeeesh, maybe drawing straws Is the best way to go...................dunno.

3 points

You're spot on, kaieechin. I'd take it a step further and say that technological "advances" will ultimately be the cause of our demise. I don't even think it's going to take fifty years. We have already reached the point of no return.................alas. My advice to anyone who is contemplating bringing a child into the world, don't!!

Will these remarks bring about a deluge of nay sayers. Undoubtedly.............but that's the way I see it negative response notwithstanding.

2 points

Well, well, well. So you can vote?! But can you think?

3 points

Absolutely. Moreover, I think we should just cut to the chase and bring back slavery for everyone who just hasn't had the breaks that a good many of us get just by virtue of the circumstances of our births.

I believe that if for whatever reason you end up an unfortunate you should be punished by society in whatever way it deems suitable.

Any monies we can invest in human beings is a bloody waste--well, unless you're from the upper classes, in which case I believe you should be able to milk the system; steal from the poor and declining middle class while giving them short shrift. I think that welfare should begin at the top--like what's actually going on right now--fully supported by the sheeple who will wake up one of these days in the not too distant future and wonder, WTF, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!!!! Ooopsies, ya should have been paying attention and helping out those who couldn't help themselves--and now YOU are one of THEM. Alas, you too have been royally screwed. Welcome to the club--the very big, non-exclusive club of the minions.

Don't ever give a guy a break. Punish and deprive instead. Only way to go to keep us on the road to inevitable self annhilation.

Yeah, go ahead and abolish that pesky minimum wage.........notwithstanding that a minimum wage has never ever been enough to bring others on board to a liveable existence.

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