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RSS Nicephorus

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Libs pal around with them, so you tell us.

Plus, the last time we saw Neo Nazis parading around, they were leftists dressed comfortably with Swastika attire. event

It's rather amazing how Republicans denounce Neo Nazis at every turn while Democrats dress up as them.

2 points

The MURDER of Tyre Nichols. Officer safety or a cold blooded killing?

And here we go again. You are thoroughly convinced that the cops are evil and targeting people and that Nazis and racists are everywhere but still think I shouldn't have a gun to shoot them back. Jesus Christ dude. What the holy fuck is wrong with you you sick son of a bitch?

1 point

Nahhh... Selective editing.. From YOUR link, here's what the article really said.

Hahahaha! This coming from a guy who posted part of Trump's Truth Social post and not nearly the entire post just yesterday. You were just happy and cool with leaving shit out yesterday. WTF happened bro?

2 points

They all agree? Child porn is a multi million dollar industry, and the school still employs this guy. Show me where he was "dealt with". Show me where they said they disagreed with this guy's behavior.

1 point

Even so, I don't know of any population that wages war on their children.. If we did, that would be the end of us, for sure.. You DON'T eat your seed corn.

Thousands of people have went to prison for pedophilia, and that's just the ones that get turned in and prosecuted. Child porn is a massive industry. WTF are you talking about you reality denying lunatic?

1 point

He was filmed without his knowledge or permission

Being filmed without your knowledge doesn't mean you didn't say what you said.

while describing one example of our inclusive, LGBTQ+ affirming, and comprehensive approach to sex education.

So they admit that what he said describes one of their "approaches". Dude, they aren't even denying it.

Veritas deceptively edited the video with malicious intent,” the statement said

How would they know? They weren't there. Secondly, what is the deceptive edit? The guy says we bring butt plugs and dildos for the kids and show them how to use them. What was edited, and where is the deceptive edit at in the video?

I repeat, there's no grooming. There's no sex toy instruction

How is his saying "we show them how to use them" not sex toy instruction?

3 points

You speak the language of a media that spins, frames, censors etc. I'm looking at it right now on Truth Social. You clearly aren't. You posted a part of his post. Post the rest of it. Let's see it. Nah, you aren't going to go find the actual post, and I'm not going to do what you should have done for yourself. He's clearly saying that mail in ballots, faulty voting machines, power outages at voting centers, etc allow for going around the Constitution. The media are trash. The fact you still believe these morons and have no interest in what your government, intelligence agencies and media were doing on Twitter with all of the receipts is a disgrace.

2 points

We can see his post on Truth Social. That's not even close to what he said. You obviously never look anything up and believe whatever nonsense the media that didn't cover Hunter Biden's laptop fed you today. The Republicans are silent because they know what it actually says and that the media is complete trash. They aren't showing you the parts of the post prior to their quote. Tell us exactly word for word what he typed prior to the part they cut for you to see. Post it right here.

1 point

Here's the deal.. The laptop collected dust on a repair shop shelf for years. Nobody know who had access to it, or how it got into the public domain, but all of a sudden, Rudy Giuliani showed up with it.. The whole episode stinks.

That Russian dossier stunk to high heaven, was proven fake and you're still saying Trump is a Russian spy. Let that sink in.

Since nobody knows the provenance of it, my guess is the Ruskies put whatever they wanted on it

Hunter Biden himself left it at a computer maintenance store. What do Russians have to do with anything?

and maybe the Chinese too.

The Chinese broke into Biden's repair shop and put images and emails that are authentic on it how again?

You don't know.. That you believe it WITHOUT any evidence whatsoever means you're a gullible SOB.

You believed the Steele dossier with no evidence. This isn't a dossier. It's Hunter Biden's actual authenticated laptop. Even left wing media has authenticated it. There's quite a difference there, wouldn't you say?

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