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RSS Nicephorus

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

So, the feds are kidnapping American citizens, and you're happy about it?? Dude!

You were censoring them, burning down cities, and killing cops. You said the right needed to learn how to win. Are you surprised that your violence and anarchy was met with violence and anarchy?

I thought right wingers LOVED the Constitution.. No, huh?

Show me in the Constitution where half of your country can be censored, forced to wear masks, not be allowed to work for months, and be shut into their homes while rioters are allowed to run wild in the streets destroying property. Then, once you realize the right realizes you've trashed the Constitution, how you expect to be protected by the document the left is clearly ignoring. They want a country of chaos without laws. Show them a country in chaos without laws. You reapeth what thou hast sown.

Concerning the masked Commies, the Communist Control Act of 1954. Enforce it, and push these Nazi psychopaths into Hell where they belong.

0 points

Honestly, when you post nonsense like this you prove exactly why people think Righties are nothing but racist loons desperately trying to cling to the past to try to maintain their own perceived superiority.

Except that the person you are addressing isn't an American, and in America, the left runs pretty much everything of any significance while telling half the country that their elected President wasn't there choice, so burn down liberal cities for grins.

0 points

What is the biggest problem Americans face today?

Securing the voting system.

0 points

Oh God you're simply so stupid. None of the names on your list have opened a debate on Create Debate about it, so the outrage is yours you stuttering imbecile.

You don't have to take a position on a debate site to take a position in written form. Do you need a class on basic physics, or are you good?

1 point

Listen you idiot, coloured people are not part of some different society.

Then why do you call them "colored people" and not call white people "colored people" when both skin tones are colors?

They have been living in the west since at least the 15th or 16th century.

Then why do you go after black Conservatives as if it were the dark ages?

1 point

Hitler's Letter

My dearest Bronto and Amarel,

I hope this finds you well. It is very pleasing that you continue my work in my unfortunate absence. I have been meaning to reach out from beyond the grave and extend my support for some time now, but you know how these things go.

Looks like you are finally admitting that you are Hitler.

0 points

Lol. You made a false claim about how your fuhrer is performing in the polls today, then tried to support it with a link to an article from 4 years ago. But I'm Hitler. Ahahaha! OK buddy.

One. You denied a poll about his approval being 34% the day he was elected, aka you being wrong again.

Two. Your left wing, Aryan ANTIFATARDS wanted to destroy a statue of Churchill. Can you say morons. Say it slowly. M....o....r....o....n............ s

1 point

Lol. Wait, so if the land was unclaimed then how was Churchill able to give it to the Jews?

So you admit that your hero gave the land to the Jews. Your hero that's statue has to be protected from the modern Aryan leftists that he fought in WW2.

0 points

He isn't a Republican. You're just fucking stupid.


Looks like you lose again.

1 point

New Report Claims Kanye West Faked Support for Donald Trump to Benefit Black People

Cheat Sheet Showbiz? You are so dumb.

I like how it says he "faked support to help black people". What does that even mean? That him liking Trump helps blacks? I agree.

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