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Your argument is the antithesis of logic. So you're saying that we should stop arguing for them to be let into the country because they're... right wing?

You can't just "cut out steps". That's essentially short cutting the law and opens up a whole new can of worms regarding fair trials.

Making them spend the rest of their life in a grotty prison where they'll likely be beaten by other inmates is a much harsher punishment than a quick and relatively painless death.

They're all tragic incidents, for sure, but in the case of the Nanking Massacre, I think it's not seen as shocking since it wasn't the Japanese government directly seeking out a particular race to purge.

Of course, they were killing Chinese people, but not necessarily because they were Chinese - but because they happened to be at war with the Chinese. If they had been at war with, say, Korea, then it may have been the "Seoul Massacre" or something along those lines. In a nutshell, they weren't genocidal killings.

In my opinion, I think the Holocaust is remembered more than other genocides because it was the first major incident of genocide in history (in terms of sheer scale, obviously there had been genocides throughout history). It was also a significant part of a World War, which gave it further coverage and it was therefore more widely known of than, say, the Armenian genocide of 1915-1917.

I lean more in support of the Palestinian people, however saying "let's kick out all the Jews" makes you just as bad as the Israelites saying "let's kick out all the Palestinians."

The solution shouldn't be about picking sides, it should be about uniting the two sides.

Though, considering your name and previous posts, I imagine you're not so much in support of the Palestinians as you are in objection to the existence of the Jewish people.

2 points

Did you SEE the crusades? How do you KNOW they even WERE?

Did you SEE the Roman Empire? How do you KNOW they even EXISTED?

Did you SEE Gandhi die? How do you KNOW he didn't LIVE to his NINETIES?

I'm sorry, there's no point putting this lightly: holocaust deniers are scum of the Earth. Adolf Hitler himself could be resurrected and confess to your face that the holocaust happened and you'd all still call it a "Jewish conspiracy".

No martial arts, no, I think health and safety rules at the school would have prevented that.

NicolasCage(505) Clarified
1 point

Football, tennis, rugby, gymnastics, athletic sports like running, javelin, etc.

Dodgeball was always the most fun though...

2 points

I assume you're American so I'm not sure what the curriculum is like there, but in England physical education (P.E.) is more comprehensive. I remember when I was at school, we played dodgeball and other similar "fun" sports at most a few times a year.

2 points

Really? Interesting that you rounded up communists and socialists and sent them to concentration camps, then.

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Winning Position: other things; some bad things
Winning Position: No, that's absurd.

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"A loving child of three."

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Country: United States
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