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RSS NigerInnis

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0 points

And if you are aware that the founders of the movement are Marxists using the term as a shield to propel their tyrannical ideology, you say "all lives matter" because they do, and you are daring the movement to admit otherwise.

Secondly, if cops shoot more of another demographic, you are pointing to the hilarity of a demographic that's shot less being the only one applied a fake, Marxist victimhood status and daring them to give you the opportunity to paste them with actual facts, data and statistics.

0 points

Nothing you just said proves him to be a liar or the politics of the men. All I seen there was a babbling rant by a madman.

1 point

The police have nothing to do with civil law suits you idiot. They arrest people for crimes.

How will you arrest people for crimes without the police?

Is there anything on this planet you actually understand? Other than how to make a fool out of yourself?

You didn't answer the question.

1 point

That's right. You abolished them

Except I've never advocated abolishing the police and that's just another barefaced lie you've decided to make up.

The left is and already has in Minneapolis. You support them. 2020/06/26/minneapolis-city-council-approves-measure-to-abolish-police-force/amp/

1 point

What a joke. You said he is polling higher than when he was elected and then you tried to support that total fucking lie with an article from November 2016, discussing an 8 percent increase in approval since he was elected. The year is 2020 you idiotic, ridiculously stupid little Nazi twat.

The claim was that his approval was 34% when he was elected. The link shows that is true. It was 34% the very day he was elected. Are you a damned moron or just so filled with the desire to be right that you need to reject authentic information like some kind of stupid animal???

1 point

Major Companies Are Not Finding It Easy Enough To Attack The Poor

The poor are finding it hard to be ambitious and/or save their money like grown adults. Name one poor person who is good with money.

1 point

Puerto Rico is an island you dickhead. It isn't part of the mainland United States.

The same with Hawaii, yet it's calculated into American statistics because it's a part of America you uninformed ass hat.

1 point

Were the Nazis led by a black man or a far right radical you ridiculously stupid fascist shit stain?

Obama is an oreo, so he's one of them.

The Nazis were led by a Socialist who was Obama on the inside.

You do understand that Obama does self identify as a white man?

1 point

There ARE a few "blacks" that will vote conservative ... unknowingly.

There are entire black movements that are pro Republican.

1 point

There are very fine people on BOTH sides."

This has been debunked thousands of times.

The majority will vote, I am confident, for the side that still loves democracy .... and doesn't consider them ALL "thugs"

Obama called them thugs.

like der Fuhrer in das Vhite House!

Obama is in the White House?


Obama stands by the term 'thugs,' White House says

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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