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RSS NightHawk2

Reward Points:71
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Were you sleeping all through Obama's presidency?

Nope, and neither did Michael Flynn, so Obama went after him for daring to ask questions.

1 point

Nahhh.. The police unions control it all, and they're pretty right wing.

Looks like you've decided to opt out of responding to anyone who makes the point that Democrats own shit that happens in Democrat cities.

1 point

Help me out here.. In one post you ramble on about the inferiority of black people, and in the next you decry the mere mention of your superiority as a worn out record..

Quoting Al Sharpton, Louis Farakhan, and the leader of BLM is a worn out record. They're the Klan in black skin.

1 point

A Black Teen Said Her Neck And Face Were Lit On Fire By A Group Of White Men..

1 point

I'm a capitalist.. I don't do floors and I don't watch videos. If you have something to say, SAY it..

Communists took over 6 blocks of Seattle and shot 4 of each other. I thought you said Communists don't fight each other. I knew you were wrong. Now you know too.

-2 points
-2 points

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