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I'm a bit at odds with the title of this opposition. I would have preferred the author to have titled this side of the opposition "Marital Monogamy inaccurately defined?"

Here is why; my beautiful and loving significant other and I are in a relationship that is 95% monogamously oriented, that is to say we hold the following core values; Constructive Communication, Trust and Respect. These three core values we believe are monogamously oriented because individually they feed into the other. This monogamously oriented matrix we believe are the essential ingredients to achieving unconditional love and thus keeps a positive perpetual momentum together.

However, on the same token, together we are considered "Recreational Swingers," which should not be confused with "Utopian Swingers" or "Polyamorists."

The root of the inaccuracy (outdated) of the definition of Marital Monogamy can be found from our cultures' social agents.

Social-agents, i.e. & e.g. parents and church, that create or influence society’s social-norms make the average member of society experience “alternative sexual lifestyle anomie (ASLA).” An anomie is the confusion that arises when social-norms conflict or do not exist.

ASLA, as I've coined it, is simply the confusion that consenting adults (typically; opposite sex couples in a cohabitating relationship) experience when social-norms on proper versus improper sexual experiences conflict with a mutual desire to experience sexual gratification with other like-minded couples.

ASLA is the result of anti alternative sexual lifestyle (e.g. anti-swinger or anti-polyamorists) social-agents’ influence which control the availability for members of society to choose to pursue an alternative sexual lifestyle experience while maintaining a guilt free marital monogamy.

Unfortunately, be it instigated from Biblical views or merely based on our parent’s moralistic / long-standing family cultural view on monogamously oriented relationships, these social-agents force those members / couples in society who do live an alternative sexual lifestyle (e.g. Recreational Swingers) to be placed into a deviant stratification, that is completely unwarranted.

If you like this post please send me your constructive feedback to notaboo at Ymail dot com.

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