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RSS NomLovesMarx

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I am praying for the right words to say, what I respectfully petition government, for redress of greivances, on behalf of any faith community.

There are two spirits, one of which everyone has to pick, Love, and Hate. Neither have skin color, ethnicity, or culture, and you can decide for yourself if you want to learn the Messianic beliefs, on love. It's up, to you.

You have a valid set of pooints on other things, but only Yeshua, is the Sole Arbiter, of Human, animal, or spirit worth. Skin color or ethnicity does not matter, because Yahweh has ordained, that all skin colors be equal members, of one human race, all ethnicities are equal. This is part of my faith I have had since I was 15, and I have learned science stuff that affirms, that. We could converse about it, if you want.

He is right, but we have political segegration, in the left versus right two Party system.

Freedom means the only Person that owns me, is Yeshua/Jesus, my Lord, and Daddy Government can kiss my ass, for treating disabled people, like shit.

This doesn't affect me, because I have my tubes removed for contraceptive reasons, but you are supporting rape. Forced ANYTHING, regarding the reproductive organs of any person, place, or thing, is rape. I will ask Yeshua to protect you.

This is why prolifers and prochoicers, need to work together on providing non-abortifacient contraception, to consenting women.

I thnk you are hilarious, and I am a centrist, but that was fucked up!

Sugar Tits, you are so far left, that Barack Obama is right wing to you, so go real about the politcal ideologies, and let the adults, handle this one. Masalaama!

NomLovesMarx(326) Clarified
1 point

I agree, but the problem is, responsible adults with Godly morals, are rarer, than black diamonds, I'm for real. Doo you know how many babies have been born due to the mother's drugged out sexcapade, or the father was a magarapist? Anyone who puts Vaseline on a condom, needs to go back to Sex Ed Class, learn about sex, contraception, all of that, you know? Despite our history of bitter arguing, I STILL, would want you to be secure, healthy, and joyful, in Yeshua.

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Winning Position: Why was it only okay for Barack Obama, current President Biden, but not Trump
Winning Position: Yes.
Winning Position: Nom banned me for the third time, for standing up to, his lies.
Winning Position: Now accepting application for the Naiont Of TapDancingClowns.
Winning Position: What do you think of this double standard?
Winning Position: Leftist hypocrisy re Capital Holl vs Antifa and Black Lives Matter.
Winning Position: I condemn the violence against the Capital, but let's be real.

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