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At the high school level, biology classes required a lot of chemistry, and a fair amount of physics.

Marcusmoon, the theory of thermodynamics is not part of the standard high school biology curriculum because the theory of thermodynamics is a theory of physics. You appear to be ignoring the very reason that science is separated into different branches in the first place. This is the standard high school biology curriculum:-

Curriculum Topics Covered in High School Science Courses

The following is a list of curriculum topics covered in selected High School science courses.


Use methods of qualitative and quantitative observation.

Describe the general structures, functions, biochemistry and diversity of cells.

Describe levels of organization.

Explain perpetuation of species.

Apply laws of classical genetics and the principles of chromosomal inheritance to problems of genetic differences in individuals.

Explain the general functions of DNA and RNA.

Compare scientific theories of the origin and evolution of living things.

Apply methods of taxonomy to classify organism.

Identify career opportunities in the biological area.

Describe the characteristics of microorganisms.

Describe general anatomy and physiology of plant and animals.

Explain the biological behavior of living things.

Understand the relationships in energy flow patterns, and the development of the ecosystem.

Analyze the skills required for the practice of biotechnology.

This will be my very last post here. I am done with this website, the trolls who use it, and the general stupidity of mankind.

Have a good one.

Amazing! It's my debate title, but I didn't mean it now

But I did mean it. I purposefully used a sensationalist debate title. But that makes me sensationalist in the same way that kissing babies made Hitler compassionate.

Please take the hint. Nobody wants you here on this site.

ignoring real fascists (Middle East, North African, and some Asian countries)

Islam is not the same thing as fascism, you ignorant 12 year old idiot. One is a religion invented in the 7th century and the other is a political ideology invented in the 20th century. How is it even possible that you are so stupid?

Nom, it is the central concept of the book..

That's strange, because Bernays does not mention the phrase "social engineering" anywhere in the entire book. You are such an utterly stupid liar that it is frustrating even talking to you.

Here is a copy of the book for anybody who wants to run a search on the phrase:- bernprop.html

I can't even believe I am arguing with you that wording you used does not belong to Edward Bernays. You must literally be retarded.

Nom, this is another classic projection.

Yes, and clearly you are the one doing it. You invented your own argument, twice claimed it was mine, and when I protested you claimed it must be mine because I mentioned Edward Bernays in a post I wrote 24 hours ago. All you are doing is making up your own bullshit and claiming it is what other people believe. That is not debate. That is just you being an arse.

Bernay's book "Propaganda" was published in 1928

I have read Propaganda from cover to cover and referenced it extensively in my university dissertation. I still have a copy of it somewhere on my old hard drive. Given this fact, I would like to know why you have decided to pretend that a book written for students of public relations is actually a book about Nazi "social engineering"?

It seems that you are not content to merely misrepresent my own arguments, but now you are trying to do the exact same thing to Edward Bernays!!!!!

You cant be serious......

I never joke with fascists. You chose to use wording which you pretended was mine. When I pointed out you were lying, you then claimed it was Edward Bernays' wording. It belongs to neither of us because you are the one who used it.

I've read two of his books and an essay by him

No, you are a liar who Googled Edward Bernays shortly after you decided you were going to blame him for the false argument YOU INVENTED and then claimed was my own.

You're pathetic and stupid.

With a sense of personal responsibility this abysmally low

Where is your sense of responsibility not to misrepresent the arguments of the people you talk to? You are not simply a liar, but a world class hypocrite to boot.

You invoked Edward Bernays who has multiple books detailing his conception of "Social Engineers"

No he hasn't you retarded imbecile. He has not written a single book about social engineering.

God, why are you so stupid?

The closest he ever came was a book he wrote in 1955 called The Engineering of Consent. If this is indeed what you are referring to, then can you explain why you are blaming Germans in the 1930s for not reading a book which was not written until 1955?

I'm sure you can shed some light on this mystery for us. Does it have to do with your belief that time is not real?

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