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RSS Nommunist

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I will never change my mind,

Ironically, you have to have changed your mind to hold your current position because it was your very own words that got you into this mess. The only logical conclusion of your very own words is that God is the father of all rape culture.

I do not have, to agree with you

Yes you do. Your only options are to change your definition of rape culture and provide new examples, admit that God is a rapist who created rape culture by making life harder for women, or pretend to not agree with me while sticking by your own previous statements which prove me right if they are true. Refusing to change your mind actually means admitting that nature itself (and thus God) is rape culture. You must change your mind to either believing that God doesn't exist or that your previous definition of rape culture was wrong, otherwise God is a rapist by your own logic.

if God does not exist, moral law, does not exist either

I wouldn't care even if that were true (which it's not) because morality and the actual origins/mechanics of reality are two separate issues. It's stupid to say that God must exist or that the universe must work a certain way because "otherwise we wouldn't have objective moral laws". Have you ever considered that reality doesn't care about things like morality and that it's up to us humans to figure stuff like that out? If you're not willing to consider that, then you simply aren't interested in unbiased truth seeking and only want to arbitrarily believe whatever makes you feel secure.

1 point

It is actually Godless braindead unbelieving liars like you, who support rape culture.

Oh no, you got me. It was actually me and my gang of heathens who invented menopause so we could oppress women. What ever will I do now that I have been exposed?

Listen, it's not that complicated. You said women suffering more than men is the definition of rape culture. You used women dying in childbirth and menopause as your examples. Your examples come from nature, not from "Godless braindead unbelieving liars". According to your retarded beliefs God created nature to be as it is therefor God created menopause and the possibility of death during childbirth therefore God is directly responsible for rape culture in the form of those things according to your very own beliefs. Shut up and accept the fact that you are a stupid, ignorant cunt who places emotion above reason in all things and thus is inherently wrong in all things.

1 point


Variables are made of integers you retarded fuck. I am terrible at math, but even a 5th grader could see through your bullshit. Variables represent numbers so what you are saying is meaningless. You are attempting to weaponize language like you normally do when being raped by someone in a debate.

1 point

I own 60 different guns. some of them could probably hit you from here. Where is your house located? Maybe I can snipe you. I will snipe you when you walk out to get the mail in your underpants while sipping a beer tomorrow morning.

1 point

You should punch the person doing this in the face, look at all the cards at once, then rob them and give them a paper cut on the nipple with the queen of spades.

Nommunist(37) Clarified
1 point

I am going to add five cyanide pills to your morning moonshine to subtract your life after I divide your butthole and multiply the lacerations and contusions.

0 points

You know what I mean stupid. You changed the supposed proper way to write the equation 4 times. I gave you every opportunity to rewrite it so there are no implied parenthesis.

0 points

You changed your answer 4 times and failed every time to re-write it in a way that actually equals 56. If 56 was the correct answer then there would be some way to rewrite it so that a calculator could produce that result.

1 point

You don't appear to be listening.

You don't listen to anything I ever say. Whenever you reply to me it's usually just half of the first sentence taken out of context while you ignore my entire argument. The way the equation is written, it's actually up in the air which operation you are supposed to use so it can be interpreted in multiple ways. It's just written wrong and that is the fact of the matter.

1 point

Nope. He actually came up with multiple answers including 56 and 11 and said they are all equally wrong and correct because the equation itself is erroneous.

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