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1 point

With the way society is going I'd say it's empirically the case for the former. But perhaps that will change when people live in the hell they've created.

1 point

Kinda seems like saying that all the people that come to your house are good all of the time.

Yeah, sure, the people you invite and enter/leave your house respectfully are fine.

But surely the people you invite that rape your wife, kill your kid, steal your things, etc are an issue, even if you invited them.

And surely the people that are uninvited and break into your house and steal your shit are an issue.

As for the people that break into your house and do your chores for you, sure they're good from a utilitarian perspective, but they still should have waited for an invitation; breaking in is in itself a crime.

You must realise that if you advocate for socialist programs, the requirement of having a border is far more important in order to prevent people from taking advantage of them while they don't contribute to sustaining public welfare. You can't just give everyone free stuff, especially other people's stuff, if not on moral grounds then on the reality that you run out of stuff.

1 point

It's even more profound than just the raw stats:

80.3% of deaths are from people 65+ years old.

12.9% of NY state is 65+ years old.

20.9% of Florida is 65+ years old.

Florida had almost double the dry tinder, no firefighting measures, more idiots (just try it, Florida man) and yet still less of a fire.

If WHO recommendations against lockdowns, and the scientific studies saying they are ineffective weren't enough for you, perhaps the results will be.

1 point

Florida caused deaths in other states? Surely that would also apply from other states to Florida?

Yes, California shut down, Florida didn't. And this is evidence that it was for nothing.

You support government tyranny for the greater good of the collective, a greater good that amounted to literally nothing, because intentions do not translate directly to results. You advocated untested methods and got unpredictable results.

1 point

Ha, that'll show 'em

1 point

Yup, that would be just one wave from one of the days.

1 point

Someone will. The tools are now there, and nobody seems to have the moral sense to resist playing with them.

Nomoturtle(841) Clarified
1 point

Careful mate. That's officially an anti-science position these days, and a hate crime depending on where you live.

1 point

You'd have almost 2 waves of riots per day.

Nomoturtle(841) Clarified
1 point

That's easy, you are whichever level of sarcasm the offense archaeologist deems makes you the most racist and offensive, so that you may be most easily disposed of.

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