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RSS NomsGoat

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

The Iraq war was legal.


But seriously. You're a fucking idiot.

The left are praising Bush. What's your point? That the left is propping up people who engage in illegal wars?

1 point

Say something smart. Surprise me.

I have more intellect in my little finger than you do in your entire body. How about that?

The why do you lose debates about apostrophes and whether constant variables exist?

1 point

Nobody is doing that.

One-third of adults think the Trump Administration bears most or all of the responsibility for unemployment numbers. Two thirds don't. articles-reports/2020/05/13/who-americans-blame-unemployment

The American economy is on its knees you insane lunatic twat.

In Democrat controlled areas. It's fine in most of the Conservative areas. I know. I live there. We're doing good because our areas aren't run by Democrats. Everyone talks about it.

Nobody wants to be ruled over by people who do not tell the truth.

Then the Democrats and their media are out.

0 points

I prefer getting my information from places where people are not free -- indeed encouraged -- to upload as much fake shit as they possibly can.

It's a CNN link of two CNN videos. Of course you are the dumbass who got schooled by multiple people on when to use apostrophes. On second thought, you calling CNN links fake shit might actually be accurate.

1 point

Slavery is a construct of capitalism. In order to own slaves you must have private property rights over the slaves

You forgot to respond to China getting free labor off of people against their will.

1 point

Communist China is stealing peoples' labor as slaves. Burritolunch defends them

Apparently he doesn't care if rich people steal peoples' labor. This is very sad. He has sold out the poor in favor of the rich.

1 point

Have we FAILED in ALL respects under this Acting President?

Before the pandemic, unemployment was at a record low, , the market was at record highs and is still currently, 6,000 points higher than Obama's highest. We also got the criminal reform that the left cried for for decades but never cared enough about to actually put in place. If all we had was actions, no media spin, no audio, and no visiual of Trump or Obama, you'd be praising Trump, and we both know it. And you'd be praising him because you wouldn't assume the media is a propaganda machine and that a Republican got criminal reform. You'll be getting four more years. You're welcome.

1 point

Feed me my cans oh beta Nom. Feed me my cans.

1 point

I'm sad that my master Nom supports the worship of Satan. It makes me saaaaaaaad that he is so baaaaaad.

2 points

You can reject a position and still support rights to that position. It used to be the left's exact position before the fascists took over the left.

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