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RSS NomsGremlin

Reward Points:80
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1 point

I want to go head to head with NumberOne. He has no chance in the underworld of winning.

2 points

Ever heard of Malcolm X? You should check him out.

Supporting Evidence: Malcolm X (
2 points

Slavery ended before your Great Grandfather was born. Blacks had slaves. But the main point; no one alive today "abused blacks" or had them as slaves. While whites went on about their business, expecting blacks to meld in, blacks just continued to pass down a culture of victimhood, which created even more rage. The blacks who chose to get past it & succeed, did just that.

1 point

which led to their enslavement in the first place!

Slavery ended before my Great Great Grandfather was born. 10% of American billionaires are black. There is no excuse. It is proven that blacks do fine when they choose to.

1 point

I mean, after all, you are the ones blaming blacks for crime

You mean stating statistics and facts.

2 points

while having a problem with neo-Nazi racists makes one "dysfunctional

Because you & Hitler say a lot of the same things. You are a lot like him actually.

1 point

Let me fix your grammar again.

Drug addiction is a clinically recogni(z)ed disease(,) you mug. Whose fault is it that you have the IQ of a mountain goat?

2 points

Nicholas Cage

I told you that Nicholas Cage was your puppet on here, but you would not listen.

2 points

the small problem with your theory is, if they are the lazy ones, then why were they the ones doing the white man's work for him?

Blacks weren't on drugs during the slave days, and blacks themselves had slaves, so stop it already.

2 points

Implying blacks are somehow genetically lazy

You just told us that blacks were heavily on drugs. & drugs do not make you want to go get a job.

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Tied Positions: Too brown to speak against vs. Scary Conservatives
Tied Positions: MS-13 is 2 brown to critisize vs. Only US flags piss us off
Winning Position: Unresolved

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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