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RSS Norwich

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10 most recent arguments.
Norwich(221) Clarified
1 point

Hi Bogan, Yes sirree Bob, the facts speak for themselves, but the wokes and the virtue signallers are working tirelessly trying to rewrite history and dishonestly attribute inventions and discoveries to blacks which they never made.

Children's illustrated history books show pictures of black indigenous families living in Roman occupied Britain. This is utter and blatant brainwashing nonsense.

Even nursery thymes such as Baa Baa Black sheep have you any wool, has been changed to Baa Baa Baa sheep---.

There is no coordinated body to push against the dangerous propaganda being churned out by the wokes and racial lefties but it is times that we made a stand before we're consigned to the status of second/third class citizens.

The time for passive complacency has ended.

The anti-white wokes and lefties have had it all their own way for too long while we sleep walk into a subservient roll.

Norwich(221) Clarified
1 point

Thanks for that information which even I could understand.

Without wishing to sound like a smart Alec the only Casinos convenient to me at the moment are the;- Casino de-Monte Carlo and one a little further up the Moyenne Corniche in Menton.

I wouldn't feel comfortable in the Casino de-Monte Carlo with their over enthusiastic door staff and pretentious punters. However, I may consider giving your method a shot at the Casino in Menton which I have passed many times with my family over the years.

Menton is on the border with Italy and the Italians are easier to get along with than the snooty French, especially Chi-Chi frogs in Monte-Carlo.

So I'll copy off your info., and maybe pop along to Menton at the week-end.

1 point

I played blackjack twice in a Casino.

I must confess that I was more interested in ogling the smooth skinned, curvy figure of a beautiful girl opposite me than counting cards.

I lost $120 dollars and that's all I've ever lost at gambling in my life.

What do they say, lucky at cards, unlucky at love. On this particular occasion I was unlucky at both.

1 point

The reason why the success story of the industrious, innovative and hardworking Asians has been smothered by the Democrats/Wokes is that it would throw even more light on the slovenly ways and criminal disposition of blacks.

Once Asians are included in the comparison to blacks we would see that, with the possible exception of athletics, they outshine the Blacks in every field of human endeavour.

Once the darkies whinging becomes white and Asian privilege/supremacy, their well orchestrated allegations of racial discrimination BY WHITES becomes transparently phony and people will begin to look behind THE RACIST MASK to discover the real truth for the darkies self-imposed plight.

This is something the communist Democrats and Wokes cannot afford to risk.


1 point

Gambling is for THE HOUSE AND FOOLS.

No matter what the game the odds are always in favor of THE HOUSE as they have designed all games so THE HOUSE has a permanent built-in edge.

This BUILT-IN EDGE diminishes the chances and size of any of the rare payouts.


1 point

I feel that handing excuses to the blacks for their congenital laziness, intrinsic aversion to applying themselves to the disciplines of formal education only deepens the problem and gives succor to their primitive behavior patterns of violence.

Your argument is based on many false suppositions implanted in your persona by the insidious woke type indoctrination to which you have clearly been subjected and false assumptions about the circumstances surrounding other groups of people who find themselves in extreme hardship.

Of course there were many districts in Belfast which were affluent and where the contrast was startling, and still is.

From the sight of these grand houses and the opulent lifestyles of their owners we derived ambition and drive to climb up the ladder of economic success.

We didn't wallow in self pity nor the destructive emotion of victim-hood which leads to the soul destroying attitude of the world owes me a living.

There is absolutely no reason or cause which justifies violence.

To suggest that such reasons do exist is irresponsible and reckless nonsense.

As a child I made a a little money selling firewood from a home made hand cart, ( a cardboard box on a two wheeled pram axle with rusty handles from an old buggy) for 1 penny per bundle.

My employment career culminated in being appointed General Manager in Northern Ireland for a multi-national corporation.

After this I commenced my own concrete manufacturing business with a labor force of over 100 and, depending on business fluctuations, an executive staff of 25 to 30, .

If we look at the awful state of the Jewish people after WW2 and how they must have, understandably felt aggrieved and resentful with their treatment at the hands of the Nazis we will note that, unlike the blacks, they organized themselves, acquired a large chunk of real estate and turned it into a vibrant and flourishing nation well able to take care of itself despite being bordered on all sides by hostile states that are dedicated to it's destruction.

Now compare Israel with Liberia which was formed by freed black slaves over 100 years before this Jewish State.


Norwich(221) Clarified
1 point

I think he means that if you pointed out, let's say a white man he could find, let's say a black man with nigh on identical mental facilities and physical ability.

He'd be right of course, but he'd using an exception to the rule for comparison and forgetting about all the other human characteristics such as work ethic, entrepreneurial skills, ambition, self-respect, pride in one's community, due regard for the law and a loyalty towards their country.

Where the black man finds himself living along side whites and/or Asians, generally speaking he cannot compete successfully and try's to mask his failures by accusing those of his host nation of RACISM, WHITE SUPREMACY AND WHITE PRIVILEGE.

That deceitful ploy we can understand. It's the white idiots who aid and abet that false narrative which helps the blacks to dodge the glaring truth that poses the real danger to all the white societies in the free world.

Norwich(221) Clarified
1 point

That ring pull innovation surpasses the invention of the wheel.


Norwich(221) Clarified
1 point

Hi Bogan, first of all I attest that no one has the right not to be offended.

If you wish to express or promote your genuinely held political or religious viewpoints to an audience then it would be nigh impossible to do so without offending someone.

The wokes and loony lefties have successfully infiltrated, and assumed command of the mainstream media, the Universities, THE POLICE AND MOST LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES and are well on the way to establishing the premise that to be white is a crime.

Let's look just briefly at what whites have done and achieved in recent history and over the centuries.

We've given the world the following inventions/discoveries which we all now take for granted.


The light bulb,

The radio,


The telephone,

The internal combustion engine,

The automobile.

The jet engine,


Space going rockets,

The locomotive,

Navigational instruments- the Sexton etc.,

Visual aids, binoculars, the telescope,

High yield farming methods,

Modern building materials and techniques,

Penicillin and the specialist range of penicillin derivative biotics,

Modern surgical operating procedures including the creation and use of anaesthetics,

The creation of most of the world's life saving and pain relieving drugs,

The political and legal basis upon which most of the free world's governmental administrations and judicial systems are based.

Despite these outstanding achievements there are many weak minded/ easily led white fools who beg for forgiveness for being white.

But more sinisterly the campaign by the woke mob and the radial left gangsters is well advanced and has moderate conservatism in a state of retreat and subservience.

On the positive FRONT we, the long suffering and maligned whites have got some excellent academics and strong politicians who are, through logic and rational argument punching holes in the Wokes twisted narrative.

The loony lefties and the Woke mob are, I feel the biggest challenge to the freedom of what is right now, the oxymoron of the century;- Free world.

What you have described is indicative of what's happening to most democratic nations. CHECK OUT SWEDEN.

Good luck in Australia with your fight for FREEDOM OF POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS EXPRESSION*.

1 point

I can't resist pinching and customizing a quote from George Orwell's book;- ''Animal Farm''.


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