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RSS Norwich

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

It absolutely beggars belief how 81 million American Turkeys voted for Christmas/Thanks Giving Day.

On his inauguration Biden THE IMBECILE didn't figure that by cancelling the Keystone pipeline and shutting down all other oil production facilities HE was placing our country in the vulnerable position of depending on our enemies for our energy requirements.

THE IMBECILE STILL TO THIS DAY can't understand that to a greater or lesser extent EVERYTHING has to incur transport costs to & from the market place and from the market place to the end-user.

Hey IMBECILE, with astronomically high fuel prices guess which way inflation is going.


1 point

The dilemma of the century.

A) Biden THE IMBECILE closed down all of our domestic oil production, drained our strategic reserves to an all time low of 28 days and turned turned us from being, not only a self-sufficient energy nation, but also an oil exporter, into an oil & gas importer.

B) Biden and his puppet-masters haven't the political courage to take the steps to secure the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, or even making well advertised preparations of doing so in the hope that the authoritarian dictatorship of assassinators will see the wisdom of incurring the wrath of Uncle Sam.

C) Due to the aforementioned administration failings and flaws we're still left with the dilemma of how to hell to get our own and the world's economy moving again.

Is it, long snaking queues to the soup kitchens and the destitute citizens asking, '' can you spare a dime buddy''?

In Biden THE IMBECILE'S America I'm certain we'll all meet up in 'the soup queues.

1 point

If, as your profile suggests, you joined this forum 4 hours ago how come you know so much about who and what the site's sponsor bans and doesn't ban?

How do you know who the ''Site Owner'' is and that he is pro freedom of speech.

Where did you read the allegations which you attribute him?

Please be specific with your answers.

1 point

The three laws you relayed are goof-proof and completely protects the A.I's., creator.

Phew, I hope so.

I mean could we ever see the evolution of a rebel A.I., entity that ignores the rules and becomes a self perpetuating terrorist?

1 point

NO, YOU look, I don't belong to, nor never will be affiliated with any particular faction.

I judge people exclusively on their achievements and their overall positive contribution to the society in which they live but deem those layabouts and non-achievers such as the British Royal family, almost all of whom appear to me to be white, to be no more than parasitic leeches.

THE TRUTH BOMBS which I drop regularly will only upset those who fit into the category of, ''if the hat fits, wear it'', or if the UNVARNISHED TRUTH hurts certain ethnic groups then let them change their ways.

1 point

Regardless of the offense, or the indisputable identity of the perpetrator of a crime, a person of color will usually shout, THIS IS RACISM.

''I was running down the street with this television under my arm because I found it lying on the sidewalk and I was taking it to the Police Station''.

''How dare YOU, the OWNER of the electrical shop one block away and FIFTY WITNESSES accuse me of theft.


1 point

''The thing is'' an orderly system of social hierarchy existed throughout most of our Country's history whereby, REGARDLESS OF SKIN COLOR OR ETHNICITY, the achievers, the entrepreneurs and the hard working called the tune.


Then along came the woks, the radical leftists and the subversive activists who turned things upside down so the ''tail now wags the dog'', '' the victims have become the offenders'' and many crimes, such as theft to the value of $999 have been decriminalized.

Police are hesitant to enforce the law in certain ethnic areas and this softly-softly approach to law & order has led to large tracts of our cities and rural regions becoming APACHE' TERRORITY where decent folk dare not venture or a place in which a legitimate businessman would establish a commercial enterprise.

What is happening to America would be wholly unacceptable in almost every other Western society.

But, it's here larger that life, and has been ACCEPTED AS THE NORM, and being peddled as the COLORFUL TAPESTRY OF DIVERSITY.


1 point

Well, I wouldn't advise anyone to be sitting on the railway tracks as the National Apocalypse Express comes bearing down on them.

Most other countries, including Australia and the nations of Europe look on with great sadness and trepidation as their media, both left & right, report how the once greatest nation on earth is rapidly imploding.

I have personally observed and lived in a country where the initial horrified repulsion to the commencement of terrorist atrocities turned to a slavish adoption of ''AN ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF VIOLENCE''.

In such cities as Chicago, Detroit, St., Louis etc., the streets are no go zones for ordinary, law abiding folks.

This diabolic state of affairs has developed insidiously and has become THE ACCEPTED NORM in towns and cities across the country.


1 point

Expecting those of contrasting cultural traditions, different religious beliefs and distinctly different customs to all come harmoniously together in the DELUSIONAL MELTING POT is naivety/EYE-WATERING STUPIDITY in the extreme.

In reality the pursuance of such misty-eyed policies have led to racial riots, looting, arson on a grand scale, out of control crime and a nation verging on the brink of civil war.

Still withal the loony-leftists and weird woks continue to push the country to the precipice of national annihilation .

1 point

Have you tried it?

I think the creator of this interesting debate was referring to A.I.

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