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1 point

The use of electronic devices by pupils engaged in formal education should only be permitted as an approved part of the overall syllabus.

Granting students the right to use electric gadgets at will would only serve to dilute the effectiveness of the programmed aims of the education institution's curriculum, cause classroom disruption and promote opportunities for cheating.

1 point

By being invulnerable to defeat I meant we were/are unconquerable by conventional types of attack from hostile nations.

I feel that our surveillance procedures and intelligence techniques would alert us to any planned nuclear or cyber attack and allow us to take all the preemptive strikes necessary to neutralize any potential aggressor(s).

In the unlikely event of a breakdown of our defense network any warmongering country would be aware that an attack on the U.S., would trigger a devastating retaliatory counter offensive.

However, the point I'm trying to make is that our enemies don't have to bother with elaborate military and/or cyber attacks.

We've defeated ourselves by swamping the country with millions of Biden's illegal immigrants many whom will be trained insurgents and those who will be radicalized and become terrorists.

It is an absolute undeniable fact that BIDEN'S BABES, represent a greater threat to our nation than the likes of Russia, China, North Korea.

All our enemies have to do is sit back, have a glass or two of vino collapso, smoke a cigar and watch us commit suicide.

1 point

Scenes of smartly dressed men and women going to and fro their business locations or engaging in leisure pursuits have been replaced by tribes of rabid blacks rampaging through the arterial thoroughfares and shopping centers of our cities.

This infuriating lawlessness of our urban and rural areas is exacerbated by the leftist woks gagging any criticism of their anarchical policies.

1 point

The woks have achieved their objective of establishing mobocracy in most of our major cities with the rule of law and order being superseded by mob rule.

The law abiding citizens have to 'run the gauntlet' every day to get to and go home from their place of work.

This is today's woke America.

1 point

This is a clear and shut case of trying to gag any criticism by your political opponents through not-so veiled intimidation.

Knowing that your name and personal details along with those of your family are logged in a file by some sinister third party is most definitely willfully designed to terrorize and instill dread in your political opponents.


1 point

I would add to the sound advice shown above by stressing the importance of two major issues which must be recognised and provision made for them to be dealt with.

Firstly, it is vital to complete a weekly 'profit & loss' report which should include EVERY fixed and variable overhead incurred by the company's trading activity for the period covered in the report.

If your 'sales figure' is greater than the aforementioned outgoings you're fine.

If it's not start immediately to address and redress the negative trading position.

This report should not be regarded as a 'monkey-look-monkey-see'' exercise but should be studied to identify inefficiencies, financial fraud and straight forward theft.

This automatically leads on to the next element of running a business and one which is all too often overlooked, or pooh poohed, as ''this would not happen to me;- STEALING.

You must accept that you will never stop client or employee theft and realize that all you can do is to keep it under control as much as possible.

There are of course too many variations of thieving to offer any meaningful advice on how to reduce this loss factor but the ''P & L'' will help enormously with regard to this issue.

1 point

For well over 100 years it was an indisputable fact that the U.S., could not be defeated by a foreign power.

This being so we have been on the road to left-wing self destruction for nigh on 20 or more years.

This Kamikaze process is slowed and even partially reversed when a conservative administration gains control but as soon as ''THE LEFTIST WOKS'' become the dominant political force we start to slide back into the quagmire of self imposed national ruination.

1 point

Can't agree with you on this one as I feel we definitely do need to highlight the shocking plight of leftist run cities and states.

The cancer of BIDEN'S IMMIGRANT BABES along with the lenient sentences handed out to criminals is rapidly eroding the commercial, industrial and social structure of our nation.

To endorse the promotion of anarchy to highlight the failed policies of the leftist filth

is akin to starting WW3 to underline the stupidity of war.

Norwich(1554) Clarified
2 points

Well said, and difficult to disagree with your evaluation.

Everything has to evolve or die out.

In my opinion, based on the site's recent activity, or lack of it, CD needs to fine tune its format or become extinct.

0 points

I feel that social media has reduced a lot of the time we once spent watching television but has not taken over, or even infringed on other recreational activities such as sporting pursuits or hobbies.

Our cyber interactions with our fellow human beings represents a more positive use of our free time and enables us to hone our communication skills and increase our literary abilities.


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