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RSS Nudist

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1 point

I don't wear underwear because it is too tight and it doesn't give your boys downstairs to air out. Plus you don't really need them.

So what if your penis/vergina is rubbing against your pants? So what? If we had no underwear in the world then people would learn not to be shy about changing nude in public.

1 point

I sleep nude because it is very comfortable and healthy. I enjoy the feeling of my nude body rubbing against the sheets of my bed. When it is cold out I some time put on boxers.

It is healthy for men because the average man produces sperm 6 times a night ad it is not healthy for the sperm to be sitting in your boxers/P.J.'s.

It is healthy for women because it is good for their breasts to be free from the bra or tight P.J.'s. Most of the time their breasts are always squished.

1 point

I think teens under the age of 18 should be allowed to go to a nude beach because most nudists go nude to enjoy the feeling of being free not to be sexual with their friends.

Going to a nude beach is good for young kids because they will learn not to be shy when it comes to nudity and they will know what the body looks like for the future.

Being a nudist is a healthy lifestyle both mentally and phisically because it is good for the body to be free of your hot restricting clothes.

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Winning Position: What Is Your Opinion About Nudists?
Winning Position: You Don't Need Them

About Me

"I am a nudist from Canada. Right now nudists are being banned by the people of the public. Us nudists aren't being sexual we are just having fun and being healthy. I will help the nudist side on the debates because the nude way, is the right way!"

Biographical Information
Name: Nick Harrison
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: Canada
Religion: Scientologist
Websites: 43 Things Account
My Website
My 2nd Website
My Facebook

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