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1 point

What you post WOULD be interesting, if there weren't 1,000's of right wing militia's training for violence AS we speak..

Training for violence isn't inherently bad. Having a handbook telling you how to keep blacks as a serf class and get them to vote for you while posing as their friend is another. AKA the ANTIFA handbook. You fell for the bait. You are defending the very people with handbooks on how to control the black man.

1 point

It's what cops do.. Cops LOVE to fuck over people. That's WHY they're cops..

By the way.. Police brutality IS the point of 11 days of WORLDWIDE protests..

And more specifically, cops controlled by Democrats in Democrat cities.

1 point

They are demons from hell though.

1 point

But our conspiracy theories usually turn out to be true.

1 point

Just looks like more nonsense from the control freaks on the left who want to control what you can and cannot say or ask.

1 point

It is true that you are genuinely this stupid. I'd be very surprised if you're underwear isn't on backwards right now.

1 point

Let's say we've got 30 years worth of oil left. Will you be able to afford gas in year 25?

We have oil for 10,000 years because fracking was invented.

1 point

Which side will put you in jail IF you put things into your body that they don't like??

Neither. Right wing states are making marijuana legal. The right doesn't put you in jail. Laws do.

Michelle Obama put us through 8 years of food Nazism, which is worse. It not only says what I can't put in my body, but what I must put in my body too.

USDA Forced to Kill Michelle Obama's Efforts To Make Students To Eat Healthy

It was announced in May 2017 that the USDA was looking to roll back the legislation that required schools to serve less sugary foods and more nutritious offerings.

“If kids aren’t eating the food, and it’s ending up in the trash, they aren’t getting any nutrition – thus undermining the intent of the program,” Perdue said at the time. to-get-students-to-eat-healthy/

Which party would have you FIRED for demonstrating your views?

The left. They fire professors and actors and call for boycotts relentlessly all the time for saying anything outside the liberal box. Kaepernick was fired because he sucks. The other kneelers are still playing. The right wing didn't fire him. San Fransisco, as liberal as it gets, did.

Which party will take away your art supplies if you don't paint proper right wing pictures?

No idea what this means.

Who wants more cops on the street?

More cops on the streets to get criminals to LEAVE US ALONE. Libs lock their doors as though it's not for the exact same reason. If a terrorist or intruder shows up, a lib will dial 911 at the same rate of speed as a Con.

1 point

Nahhh. Which party wants to control every womb in this country?

Same argument still. Leave other humans alone, and especially don't murder them.

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