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RSS NumberOne

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0 points

Bronto, nothing you have so far posted has any relationship to the initial claim you made. Deflecting the point with a wall of text is hardly conducive to a productive conversation.

-2 points
0 points

The point?

Omfg yes please. Do explain what your fire and brimstone scripture based rantings have to do with your prior claim.

The beast system (Islam, according to itself), and much of Atheism unite at the exact time against Christianity at a time when Syria is reduced to ruins. And this happens at a time when Jerusalem is divided into thirds (it is). And this all happens when Christians are mass genocided and beheaded (happening). This all according to the end times claim of the Bible. That is exactly what is happening now.

I'll be generous and say that was a big anti-climax.

1 point

If life can just pop into existence and evolve into intelligent life, there should be intelligent or quasi intelligent life teaming in our solar system

Um, no. Your logic does not follow, Herr Bronto.

-1 points

Explain yourself, further [I can't wait to hear this]

Were you under the impression that I wrote the article? That is extremely flattering, MathFan. I am indeed successful, but unfortunately not to the level that I would be writing for the National Geographic.

Here's a suggestion. Instead of spending all your time here attacking me like a rabid yeti, how about you put a little effort into learning how to use punctuation properly? That way your rabid attacks will have more authority to them, instead of just coming across as the lonely rantings of a sexually frustrated nitwit.

-1 points

So show us historical accounts of these figures.

Show us a historical account of Jesus.

Do you possibly mean the one where he walks on water and turns water into wine?

Yup, very historically accurate that is my old chum.

0 points

Nice red herring bro.

The average violent crime rate (murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault) in 2008 for the 28 states that voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election was 389 incidents per 100,000 residents. The average violent crime rate for the 22 states that voted for John McCain was 412 incidents per 100,000 residents – or a 5.8 percent higher incidence of violent crime.

Edit: Hold up, my apologies. I see now you're the one arguing sense against the brick wall of ignorance which is bronto. My bad.

1 point

But you did sayed it. We saws yous.

I think it is highly unlikely that I said it and this assertion is supported by MathFan's perpetual game of smoke and mirrors when asked to substantiate his own claims.

1 point


Does it not strike you as strange that MathFan either has or claims to have better knowledge of the things I have said than I do?

He is searching through my posting history, looking for ways to attack me, because that is exactly what people with personality disorders do.

1 point

FactMachine told me he remembers you saying what mathfan said you sayed.

Let's assume momentarily that you are not mistaken or lying and I said those words. If so, I said them four months ago. Hence, when MathFan claimed I describe myself as an "inverse capitalist", I assumed he meant in the post he was replying to, not in a post I wrote four months ago which he gave me absolutely no indication he was referring to.

What he should have said was, "NumberOne, four months ago you referred to yourself as an inverse capitalist", and then provided the relevant quote. Better still, if he wanted to discuss my feelings on the matter, what he should have done was reply to the relevant post in the first place.

I'm not telepathic. Unless you explain to me what you are referring to then I don't automatically know. MathFan thinks proving I am not a mind reader is a victory only because he has lost his own mind to spite and hatred. Don't follow him to the dark side.

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