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1 point

There's a difference between owing a bank money, and owing the government taxes.

Really? What is it?

Dude! Do they do that to you now

Me specifically? Not yet. To others? Yes. And it's a logical fallacy. Even if I thought the 85,000 man IRS was honest, and I don't, why would I just suddenly think doubling their manpower is normal in an age where banks, PayPal etc have closed accounts and frozen assets of people for simply having politics they didn't approve of? freezesfundsforconsortiumnewsindependentoutletcriticalofuspolicyonukraine 4641718.html

1 point

So, you think the IRS is gonna squeeze dimes out of people THAT THEY DON'T OWE..

Yeah I do think they would do that.

Dude! And, if they DO owe them, you think there's something wrong with collecting them..

In other words you think every dime of student debt should be paid off by the student? Are you a Republican just when you feel like it, or was it a mistake?

1 point

Excon 1 month ago: private company

What is your point? That it's still a private company? Heck, the leftist owners before said they were for free speech. Just think, if you'd joined with the right before, he wouldn't be able to ban them. But you did not do that because you were too busy with your political religion to think about America itself. So guess what? This guy is going to ban whoever he wants, and it's your fault. You owe the entire site an apology for giving Musk this power.

You'd think a guy who owns a space ship company would know that. No, huh?

You finally came to the realization that "experts" do not always possess wisdom or good intent. Don't you feel smarter now that you've admitted it instead of having your head shoved directly up a billionaire's ass for once? Just think, if he still claimed to be a Democrat, you'd be telling me how wonderful this guy is because your political religion demands it.

2 points

I didn't pick my targets..

Nah. This is the Nazi defense. Hitler made me do it. No he didn't.

I signed up to protect my country, and that's what I did.. If I didn't, you wouldn't have the freedom to post about how bad I am..

Why would you attacking Vietnam have affected my freedom in any way?

1 point

But, right or wrong, his advertisers don't wanna be associated with talk like that.

They don't have to pay reasonable amounts of taxes or any in many cases to America, so fuck em. Why would anyone give a fuck what a corporation that uses slave labor to get rich thinks? And if their inability to advertise on Twitter vanishes, and they lose money, fuck em twice.

2 points

You can say the N word over there.

We don't care if they ban words or types of speech just so long as they enforce it across the board. The left version of Twitter censored politicians for simply having politics they didn't like while allowing terrorists and dictators to say actual racist, hateful and illegal things.

1 point

So, if you were giving Musk advice, would it be to EMBRACE free speech, or grab the MONEY? I don't think he can have both.

He's worth $250 billion. He can subsidize it without batting an eye. Watching this guy troll and own the left repeatedly would totally be worth subsidizing it for if for no other reason. But my reason is that the left can no longer use it to feed it's insane ideology and tyrannical psychopathy. If he lost $100 billion it'd be worth it to protect basic human rights like free speech. Otherwise it's just a government tool for Corporatism and getting election results that the billionaire class desires.

1 point

This kind of thinking is why Democrats lose to the party that controls none of the institutions. You're going to get us beat again. In 1998, the Democrats had the exact same results as Biden and then got torched. No wonder we haven't spread Communism to the entire world yet.

0 points

Bronto. Don't accuse me of being you while actually being you. This is out of control. Stop it now you brown skinned retard.

1 point

That's all well and good, but I'd definitely appreciate it if you'd return my TV set. Your caravan is starting to look like an Aladdin's cave of scumbaggery.

STFU Bronto. You are not Native, and Excon is not a Jew. I think you two may be the same person.

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