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RSS ObamasGoblin

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10 most recent arguments.

The FBI says none of it happened. If the libs are lying on this, makes you wonder what other lies they are telling.

But why doesn't Bernie open up his house to those poor illegal migrants at the border though?

2 points

Bernie ought to offer his multiple homes to illegal migrants at the border and put his house where his mouth is.

2 points

Children don't mean anything to Democrats even after their born. But if they must be born, and can be used to bring in poverty stricken people to replace the middle class to force the failed systems of socialism to happen, so be it.

Your Taste in Music Can Reveal How Smart (or Dumb) You Are

Fans of Lil Wayne‘s music scored the lowest in SAT while listeners of Beethoven‘s work were among the highest scorers.

Iran and Syria are known for producing bad meat, so we don't get meat from there. You would eat a good steak, not get sick, be safe, and not have to worry about bad meat entering your body. No need to risk eating bad meat from North Korea or Iran. Get your meat from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Europe etc.

No, they are guilty of inept management.

Checking food before it enters the restaurant is proper management.

I haven't had a description like that since I left the third grade

In other words last week.

2 points

Liberal Nazi death camps for babies. Baby hating bastards. What about the children-----

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