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RSS Oiden

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

it is fun to be right, yah i am smarter than you, i knew that. I know people like that, they are arrogant and annoying. I am kind, i get respect, which is osmthing i value more than being right.

1 point

I don't see cocky i see arrogance. We think we can beat any country in a war, we think we are soo tough. We are but things change.

1 point

I don't belive so. One if i was homeschooled i would know noone, i may live a little further out but still. And i think that it helps us. My nabor who is homeschooled dosen't make eyecontact and is nervous around people.

1 point

No, they give you excerise and help you socialise. But you can't devote your life to sports.

They are not a waste of time but i don't care for them.

1 point

Don't follow sporting. It isn't something that has ever interested me.

1 point

That is embarrassing.................................................................................................

1 point

Many people see that there is evidence to support their claim so they jump to that.

1 point

Yes but you can't do much if your dog gets loose and takes a shit. Anyways, out in the country where i am we don't care. My dog goes around freely and if it shits, no one on our street cares.

1 point

She sounds good but i have never heard of her so i would say no.

1 point

Guns kill people but they are just the instrument, someone could kill, not as easily, with a knife, frying pan, or their hands. The person kills the person, not the gun. The gun is just the gateway, it makes the choice easy.

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About Me

"I am here to have fun..... let the debates begin!"

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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