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2 points

I could easily write a book, on all the reasons why this prohibition should end.

Simply though... This prohibition hasn't had any effect, it hasn't accomplished or even gotten close, to it's own goals. And more and more evidence is piling up, showing that legalization doesn't make things any worse off than they are now. So all we are doing by having this prohibition, is arresting and jailing and violating the private rights of our citizens. Prohibition also creates a black market, that we could easily destroy via legalization... Along with the crime and violence that comes with that.

In my mind, no one else should have any greater authority over your own body, than you. And no one should have the right to tell you, that you can't do something that you want, to yourself. We are adults living in a free country, Why do we not have the right to make such choices? As long as we act responsibly, and don't harm others, what is our crime?

At the very least, We shouldn't be locking people up, for non-violent non-victim "crimes".

BTW, I believe decriminalization will not solve the important issues. Only the selfish or the misinformed support decriminalization over legalization. Legalization is the key to regulating it to make it safer, and to taxing it, which could GREATLY improve our economy right now.

3 points

The whole concept of a "gateway" drug, is nothing but a logic fallacy.

It's argument goes something like this "Because many people who use hard drugs, started with pot, that somehow pot caused them to move to those harder drugs."

If you analyze that, you might see that it's a backwards causation fallacy. And a better question to ask, at that point, is: "Do all Marijuana users, move onto hard drugs?" And the answer is no, most of them do not. In fact, only a small percent of Marijuana users ever try harder drugs. So should this small percent be used as an argument against Cannabis? I really don't think so, especially when this whole issue concerns our private freedoms and rights over our own bodies.

If any gateway IS being created here, it's because of the prohibition on the drug, not the drug itself. While Marijuana is illegal, drug dealers sell it, dealers who may also be selling other harder drugs. This is not only a problem in itself, but also remember that now, the simple pot user is being forced to buy his lower harm drug of choice, from a criminal who might have worse drugs. So now the pot user is being exposed to those harder drugs!

If Marijuana was legal, this wouldn't be a problem at all. Legalization would remove the black market dealers from the equation, and only legitimate businesses, selling only Marijuana, or maybe alcohol as well... But CERTAINLY not hard drugs. Thus the Marijuana user would have far less exposure to the hard drugs.

I think I've made my case.

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Biographical Information
Name: Nik 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: In College

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