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RSS OldManPork

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0 points

It offends me that you won't get on your knees and apologize for bringing the Natives deadly diseases. You should give the next minority you meet your wallet and car keys. Do it you Nazi.

1 point

Rioting is the language of the unheard.

Seeing media are censoring right wing speech, what type of violent protest would you suggest?

And if the left owns all outlets of speech, why exactly are blacks unheard? It's a rhetorical question, and you know the answer.

1 point

Oh, you're so far in the dark not even the sun could light your way Al.

1 point

It was all predicted long ago. I just wait for them to put me in chains. But I will meet them in battle nonetheless.

1 point

Once those bad habits are learned, the brain can react violently to attempts to unlearn them. Indeed, most people from my own experience simply shut off the possibility that they might be wrong about something, however trivial it may be.

Like when you see China censor its people, disappear its own people, kill whistleblowing doctors and scientists, then spread a virus worldwide, and your reaction is to place your lips directly to Xi Jinping's tyrannical, murdering butthole? Unlearning seems to be particularly hard for you.

2 points

Them Democrats be going crazy. Super crazy. Super freaking crazy.

1 point

Probly about the million fish.

0 points

Look. The clown is trying to tell us how bad foreigners are.

1 point

You are afraid to die, aren't you nom? Dying scares you. You know you have very few years left. You are almost done. Your anxiety is killing you isn't it? You will soon have a stroke from your depression that you caused by your hate. You destroyed yourself. You are your problem. You know I am right.

1 point

Scared to die are you not? You look and act like you are scared to die.

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