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RSS Opal

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1 point


Do you mean apart from the 70 years it spent as a world superpower, during which it invented satellites and put the first man into space?

1 point

Ahh, now you're making juvenile excuses why communism could never work.

Juvenile? Lol! I respect the fact that your intelligence is fairly low but even you should be able to grasp the idea that powerful people don't just surrender their power willingly.

1 point

To cut away all the dead-wood;- COMMUNISM NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL NEVER WORK.

That's nice. Meanwhile, nine million people literally starve to death EVERY SINGLE YEAR IN CAPITALIST ECONOMIES.

1 point

One has to fight fire with fire

No, one fights fire with water, which is why I don't rise to your rather childish baiting.

1 point

I'm a warrior..

You're a keyboard warrior.

I fought for this country once before

Not unless you fought in WW2 you didn't, because that was the last war Americans fought for America.

1 point

All guns could be confined to the US, and there's no reason why they shouldn't have all the bombs too if they're kept in their own country with the guns.

I'm perfectly fine with the idea of letting the Americans kill each other. It's them killing everyone else that I have an issue with.

Opal(20) Clarified
1 point

And of course without colonialism by many capitalist regimes throughout history, and including US colonialism in the ME, there wouldn't have been hundreds of millions dead.

The apologists for this cruel and barbarous system follow the tried and trusted notion of: "When we do it it's different".

Opal(20) Clarified
1 point

Growth is an extremist ideal of capitalism and is secondary to the good of the country's people. Growth in a capitalist system leaves the good of the people behind, as has become the example in the United States.

Yes, growth is a term used by the rich to describe how much richer they are getting. It is very difficult to grow when you haven't got squat in the first place.

1 point

with communism instead of democracy

There is nothing mutually exclusive about these two ideas. By implying such, you imply that no population would ever go to a voting booth and vote communist. The democratic unification of Vietnam under a communist government proves that notion is false.

1 point

This is great. So first you wrote:-

your hallmark obscenities.

Then you wrote:-

you're letting your madness and resentment show through on every post

And then you wrote:-

you're the bastard son of a diseased whore

Lol!!! You see now why it's impossible to take anything you write seriously? It's because you project all of your own faults and failures onto other people. You're an unfathomably disingenuous individual who misrepresents everything and anything to better fit in with your own raging far right political bias.

And of course this isn't true either:-

One of the methods Stalin employed to try make communism work was to murder millions of Russian citizens

The murders committed by Stalin had nothing to do with making communism work and everything to do with him being a tyrannical despot who wanted to create his own dictatorship. He killed all of his political rivals (who were also communists). Trotsky, for example, a fervent communist, had an ice pick buried in his head. Furthermore, most of the Russians who died under the Stalin regime died as a result of famine, not execution. You simply misrepresent and rewrite history with every possible opportunity you are given. It's horrifying to bear witness to.

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