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RSS Ozzygirl

Reward Points:89
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6 points

Sonic is 110% better than lame 'ol Mario cuz...

1.Which is more fun: Killing an annoying little dinasaur and saving the retarded princes,or, destoying robots, causing explosins left and right, and defeating an evil scientist ALL IN ONE?

2. Sonic's first game sold more copies than 10 of Mario's games put together.

3.Sonic is faster, smarter, cooler,unique, and follows his heart. Mario does whatever his beloved Princess Peach tells him to.

4. Sonic has way more characters.

5. Yes, Mario & Sonic BOTH had comics and a show, but Sonic's are still on and are still popular today. PLUS Sonic has 2 shows and a movie!

6.Sonic is way more fun.

7. Mario is fat, stupid, and pointless.

8. Luigi is flat out gay. We ALL know it.

9.Yes, Sonic is very unrealistic, but why be realistic when you could have FUN?

10. Mario is childish. His clouds have smiley faces. SMILEY FACES?! REALLY?!!!!

11. Sonic and his friends are cuter.

12. SONIC HAS A RESTAURANT NAMED AFTER HIM! (i dont even know why i did that...)

1 point

Are you kidding? YES! I could hardly STAND looking at these pictures... I mean they're insane!

1 point

Well, yes. I mean REALLY. Who would have the kind of time to do that? And I understand that you really like this site, but personally, I think you have an addiction to it. That is NOT good. Plus, you really shouldn't make a few stupid and pointless debates just to get points. And you say you're NOT spamming....yeah right. But SERIOSLY. Go out and do something else but this every once and a while! REALLY!!!!

1 point

Actually, I AM 10. Now you can STOP talking about it. I can do whatever I want and YOU can't do anything about it. If you don't like this debate, DON'T ANSWER IT. Yes, it's really THAT easy!!! :O!! Seriously people, THINK A LITTLE! It helps you in life A LOT.

2 points

Yeah I admit this was kinda stupid but hey, this is what I do when I get extremely bored/ don't want to do homework.

2 points

Don't be stupid. Sonic would TOATALLY win. Mario would probably stop for a nap in the middle of the fight.... he's just that fat.........

1 point

Love is definetly a feeling. It's like being happy or sad. You would know you love a person, like you would know being happy. It's cuz you FEEL it. Then again, no one's ever "loved" me since the 4th grade...not that i know about ;) lol <3

2 points

Well, DUHHHH. Sonic would OBVIOUSLY win. I mean, he's a 3 foot tall hedgehog that runs faster than sound! Kirby IS cute and powerfull and all, (mostly cute) but, seriously, Sonic would win.

6 points

I think Sonic is better because: 1.He has a lot more characters and villans. With Mario, it's just the same charaters ever time, and the same goal. 2.Sonic had 2 t.v shows, and a movie. Mario had....NOTHING. 3. Who came up with this Mario guy anway?! I mean, what's so special about a fat guy with a stupid accent, a brother thats just gay, and kills things by sitting on them? It's just...wrong.

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Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: HOT DOGS R THE MAN! (or woman)
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Winning Position: dropin a duce!
Winning Position: PAPER COVERS ROCK!
Tied Positions: George LOPEZITO! (hes mexican) vs. Super-dee-DUPER MAN
Winning Position: ...
Winning Position: Amy Rose the hedgehog

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