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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

i personally think aliens are dumb. sorry. disagree if you must, its why we are here

1 point

that see also thing was an accident. i copy and pasted. oops

3 points

1. Smuggling Grapes=What a man wearing a speedo is doing.

2. Richard Cranium=A polite way to call someone a dickhead.

3. Vajayjay=What Oprah Winfrey has lately taken to calling her hoo-ha. See also Television, Women.

Supporting Evidence: more funny euphemisms (
1 point

"2+2 = 4 is a truth"

actually since humans made that up, it could be a lie. how do we actually know that 2=2? when God created cows, did he really mean for them to be called cows, or were they supposed to be something else?

1 point

i think they were making a joke there. i only said "they" cuz i know not what gender "they" actually is...are? whatever.

4 points

yes, i do. you can disagree if you want, but we didnt just appear here, someone or something had to put us here. where did God himself come from? thats a whole different debate. which i think i will do. nevermind, i wont.

1 point

i really cant say, although if i had lost my child, i would most definately like to know what happened to them at some point. if i never found out, i would go crazy.

1 point

"There, i hope i've given u some perspective now, don't go and kill yourself."

what is your problem, dude, i made this debate to see what people thought, not because i wanted to kill myself! go be a jock somewhere else

1 point

you probably think im a loser now. i made this debate just to see what people would do. so far, not interesting.

1 point

"Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica" as opposed to.... what? exactly. the office.

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Winning Position: Pointless Debate
Winning Position: Awesomness
Winning Position: The Office
Tied Positions: Whatever you decide it is vs. Live today Die tomorrow

About Me

"i have nothing to say about myself, sorry. be my ally and get to know me, see what you think of me."

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Gender: Dame
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Education: High School

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