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RSS Pain6Paths

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1 point

You have a way of making me feel like a hypocrite, Naruto....perhaps you're right after all.

1 point

You know very well that most people do not understand your pain...but I do, I lost my parents when I was young as well...I saw what you posted, about being an orphan and whatnot. We are the same, and we can understand one another because we share the same pain. When everyone knows pain then everyone will understand each other.

1 point

I see. So you who have no answers and no solutions are willing to blindly dismiss my own because "it just can't be".

1 point

What is your solution then? How would you bring peace to this world?

1 point

Just what the hell do you mean by that?

It's simple really. Everyone needs to suffer in a tremendous and equal manner, they need to feel the true depth of pain collectively in order to empathize with all other humans.

2 points

when someone points out that your president hired six senior Goldman Sachs executives to run the economy after spending months insisting he would "drain the swamp", the correct answer is not to attack either Hillary Clinton or Liberals. Capiche?

Indeed. This only proves that both liberals and conservatives are loyal to capitalism above all. Capitalism keeps people locked in the cycle of hatred, while keeping others safe from the pain that allows you to understand the pain of others. The cycle can never be broken as long as capitalism exists

1 point

Do you take that same view on Community politics? Or, just larger scale?

Politics is just another attempt at mediating pain. Sometimes it causes pain, sometimes it plays a game of whack-a-mole trying to suppress it. None of these half assed attempts at dealing with all the pain in the world will amount to anything. Only my plan can fix this world.

1 point

Nahhh… But, it doesn't make you NOT a white supremacist, either..

It is not race that makes a person what they are, it is the level of pain they have experienced. To suffer is to learn and grow strong.

1 point

What you ask is impossible. You would have to change human nature first.

Human nature can accommodate peace. To be human is to love, and to love is to hate. For when you grow attached to others, you will inevitably turn to despair and hatred when you lose them, especially when they are taken from you as my family and friends were taken from me. This is true pain, to feel that pain is to be human. When everyone knows this pain, they will finally understand each other, and all our differences will be set aside. The answer to peace is for everyone to know pain, and share that pain equally.

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Winning Position: Pain
Winning Position: How would you go about creating peace in this world?

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