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RSS Pakizat

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1 point

But I will keep my point of view. I think that wearing uniform has only good sides, it influences on children performance at school and relationships between schollers. Also uniforms are beneficial from financial side.

1 point

Also children also spend less time dressing up in the mornings since they don't have to do a daily wardrobe selection. Uniforms are also made for repeated wash and wear and can be handed down among siblings.

1 point

The uniform is the same for all seasons, in winter you just need to wear warm clothes over uniforms

1 point

And also There is enough pressure in school these days from their peers. Kids are ridiculed because of the clothes they wear, and it seems that no matter how hard parents try, kids know who is poor in the school. One of the advantages of school uniforms is that there is nothing to distinguish who is poor or well off. The benefit of wearing school uniforms is that everyone wears the same thing, whether you are rich, or poor.

1 point

I cannot agree with you, because I consider that uniforms are more economical. Children want to change their clothes, they don not want to wear the same clothes often. So parents do not have to spend on clothes for their children, thus benefiting them.

1 point

Nazgul, you said that children go to school not to show their appearance and I'd like to say if children have free choice in wearing they will worry about what to wear and they will want to have better clothes than others. One of the benefits of school uniforms in this case is there is no competition to out dress friends. Everyone is wearing basically the same thing every day. This way, instead of competing over who is wearing what, there is more focus on the daily school work.

1 point

Having students wear school uniforms has advantages. Studies show that children who go to school in uniforms tend to take school more seriously. They consider uniforms as work clothes, just like what mom and dad use to go to work.

1 point

I think there are more advantages then disadvantages in living together before marriage, because sometimes disadvantages in this kind of relationship are avoidable. Some of the advantages of living together before marriage are such as getting to know your partner, learning about one's abilities if he/she can satisfy your expectations and more. It is more beneficial than to do a big mistake like living with person in whom you are disappointed.

1 point

And also I want to say that if people really want to live together none quarrels are important. Cohabitation is necessary just to get used to each other easily.

1 point

But this can happen also in the marriage. Also another advantage is people learn how to share financial matters while living together.

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