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RSS PantherOfBog

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10 most recent arguments.
-1 points

Trump will be President in 5 years. Then Ted Cruz will be President the next 8 years. You'll die of old age while a Republican runs the country

0 points

They are definitely self entitled, but they are not smart enough to be effective trolls.

I have noticed he is very passive aggressive and feminine.

Brontoraptor is the type who would sell refined uranium to NK for profit

He can't. Hillary Clinton already sold it to Russia.

They are leftists. That's why you will provide us no list.

I am whistleblowing him right now, he made surveillence abuse legal

He also voted for Clinton, not Trump. Second, Obama abused it just like 1984.

Then you disagree with soc-dem Orwell.

Not at all. In 1984 the state runs the media and condemns speech it hates.

0 points

No one whistleblew Bush for surveillance abuse. They whistelblew Obama.

You know that the media is corporate, the Orwell list literally says it's all corporate

The media is state run by the Democratic Party. You can't tell the difference between either's talking points and positions.

You want me to list everyone who owns the media

Yes. Give us that list of leftists.

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Winning Position: Tacos
Tied Positions: Schizophrenia vs. The target never sits still
Winning Position: Unresolved

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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