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RSS ParadoxMan

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1 point

Good thing. The far left is a mental disorder based on low selfesteem and passive aggressive psychology.

This is the kind of bullshit you come up with when you spend your life listening to right wing youtube rhetoric and intentionally avoid looking what actual leftists have to say other than the ones you see through the right wing propaganda filter which means that the only leftists you hear about are the worst ones or the ones who are being misrepresented and smeared.

2 points

College graduates who consider themselves truly altruistic individuals would no doubt pursue a career that’s extremely lucrative if their goal is earning to give , surely this makes better sense than the traditional leaning towards a lowly paid job such as charity work

This is you making excuses for capitalism and trying to twist reality so that the greediest, most useless people become the most altruistic people. Then you proceed to pretend as if you have said nothing to support the affirmative position relative to the debate proposition. This is the incredulously stupid antics of a right wing troll.

1 point

What is happening to America, my beloved country?

Your love of your country has blinded you to the fact that it has always been shit.

We have drifted so far away from Jesus and the Bible.

Ironically one of the few redeeming qualities of America is the separation of church and state.

I had a very disturbing conversation with a far leftist I won't name that I know offline regarding late term and post birth abortion.

You don't know what a far leftist is. To you a soc-dem is a far leftist and anyone left of welfare-capitalism is a communist.

His response was that people should have to pay all of the mother's bills to stop her from having a late term or post birth abortion.

waaaaah boo hoo someone had an opinion so that must mean all leftists are devil worshipers.

He actually defended these two practices, and called me selfish for saying I had the absolute right to live at 9 months. Um excuse me sir, but MURDER is very selfish.

Do not turn to American conservatism just because there are left wingers who disagree with you about abortion. There are right wing murderers too, like Hitler.

I mourn for my country. Jesus must have a broken heart, and so do I. WOW< Please repent, America!

America was always evil, Jesus is part of the reason why.

2 points

Banking is the least ethical, least altruistic career choice besides perhaps selling white drugs to pregnant women or joining the military.

ParadoxMan(53) Clarified
2 points

The cause of all causes is the thing to cause all. The thing to cause all must be the only 'thing' that is without actual creation or logic to it.

True logic is not what you think is logical but what is actually logical, otherwise it would not be logic but insanity. So why then should one presume to understand that which human logic cannot even account for?

The only thing that could be such is a random number generator (or random variable generator if you prefer a more accurate name).

Why are the variables numeric you atomistic crack pipe?

ParadoxMan(53) Clarified
2 points

You are controlled by fate to believe against it, it is not your fault.

Nothing is anyone's fault, because we are ruled by causality. Please for fucking once, explain why your version of causality is valid rather than just yammer on about it.

2 points

How do you know it isn't? You don't.

I know that I don't know. You are the fucking ones claiming to know, so tell me how you know. You thinki you are the smart ones because you have the answers, but you don't have the answers and I am the smart one because I admit I don't and only seek them honestly and diligently.

2 points

Plus Hitler never even said that. It's getting boring dealing with the right wing swine of CD. Come to DA Nom, at least there are new idiots to debunk there.

1 point

I do. Fate.

But you can never tell me how you know, because you don't.

1 point

What is the cause of all causes?

No one knows the answer to that.

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Name: Jon Mcvane
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Jewish
Education: College Grad

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