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1 point

The problem the world has ISN'T Christianity.. It's the Christians..

Which would include almost every Hispanic and black person, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden. Shall I go on? It's probably ignorant, bigoted hate speech like that that has caused Hispanics to jump parties by the millions. Seems you have something in common with another religious group hater from the 1940s. Your type will round them up for furnaces regardless of skin tone.

1 point

The problem the world has ISN'T Christianity.. It's the Christians..

Which would include almost every Hispanic and black person, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden. Shall I go on?

2 points

Assuming the civil war you keep talking about is real, would you be sitting around waiting for the slaughter???

The left keeps talking about it too, and no, I wouldn't. I wouldn't wait for those who control every major institution in America to send their Apache helicopters as you like to threaten people with. I'd be arming up 30 years ago.

1 point

Fascism is corporations taking control of the government

Fascism is the merger of the state and the corporations. Words matter because the actual definition is what the left is doing now.

The GOP being the minority party

Now that's a laugh.

in the first quarter of 2021, Democrats had a 9-point advantage over Republicans, but by the final quarter of the year that had shifted sharply to a 5-point Republican advantage, according to Gallup's aggregate data.

has openly sought methods of compromising the voting process

I'm willing to bet your nose grew as you were typing this out.

1 point

Plus, a governor can't stop an army from entering his state, when the army is already there..

He can stop Washington's communications to his state to give any orders in the first place. He can also catch them unarmed and unaware and take over any area with a state military unit(s). And you know as well as I do that police tend to be right wing. It wouldn't be hard to bring state police in and casually relieve anyone from their place on any compound or territory of any kind within said state. If soldiers have no communication and the Governor walks in, guess what they do. And in reality, most soldiers are right wing. The commands the left would give would be ignored. Soldiers know what woke is, and most of them hate it.

1 point

What do MAGA people miss about a civil war??

What I miss about the Civil War is Republicans taking Democrats' slaves away.

2 points

into boarding schools full of white supremacist Christian pedophillia

To be a pedo, you have to be gay, and gay people vote predominantly Democrat and are overwhelmingly atheist. They were overwhelmingly atheist then as well, but it wasn't socially acceptable yet. So you pretty much threw gay atheists under the bus with your argument, and in Christianity, homosexuality is forbidden, so the people you are attacking would clearly be Democrats and of the Woke religion today. Anyone with any sense could have turned this back on you as I just did. And by the way, no sane human will try to respond to your 7 million word Gish gallup essay.

1 point

Do you understand just how bad you have to be as President to have the media's help and still have Joe Biden's approval rating? You have to be complete shit. Only a Democrat would see the prices at the store and think more of the same brain dead spending and money printing by the fed won't make things worse. Hey Jackass, your way is the way of children. Only children think this way because they just don't know any better.

1 point

Why don't you show us exactly where Marx suggested throwing ordinary people into gulags is how you free the workers from oppression?

People who say they are Communists rule by authoritarianism. Show us one single exception.

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