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RSS PatchOfDoom

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2 points

It looks like Excon has opted out on yet another topic.

2 points

What is a Bronto? I keep seeing the word on this sight and am not sure what it is but would like to know.

1 point

I love the twist in logic as if black people haven't been coddled and pandered to for the last fifty years and any of these black people today living in liberal areas have ever been marginalized or traumatized. Hell, you can't even hint at criticism of black people today. That's the opposite of oppression. When you are the only race that can't be critiqued, that's called privilege.

1 point

• nonstop fake white supremacist hate crimes by the left

• The effects of marijuana on your brain

• Bernie Sanders saying illegal immigration was just a ploy by billionaires to get cheap slave labor

• Physical attacks by the left on right wing minorities

• Censorship of Hunter Biden laptop story

• Hillary Clinton destroying devices with hammers that the FBI had requested

• The attack on the Whitehouse and Presidential church sending Trump into the bunker

• All of the money Big Pharma made on the Democrats' vaccine mandate

• all of the businesses destroyed by the left refusing to reopen the country

• Fauci saying masks don't work and then flip flopping

• Democrats not wearing masks after mandating people wear masks

• Biden finishing Trump's racist wall

• FBI whistle blowers saying Democrats are weaponizing the FBI against Republicans

• Refusing to reopen drilling and the keystone pipeline while buying oil en mass from foreign countries at an inflated price

2 points

Most viewers will be right wingers, they'll tell you what happened, CNN will narrarate and lie about what happened, you'll believe CNN, right wingers will show you that CNN is objectively lying, and you'll say that you can't debate a video.

1 point

If there's a point to this thread, I have no idea what it is.

2 points

The TRUTH is, some of the most beautiful women I know are feminists..

Name them.

1 point

Why do the Democrats always have to be the grown up??

Only one party understands what inflation is. It isn't yours.

1 point

Therefore we must vote for the Nazis to keep the liberals out of power, my friend!!!!!

You support Jew hating National Socialists, so what's your point?

1 point

This is not what I signed up for when I became a Christian.

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