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RSS PattyPlatano

Reward Points:96
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10 most recent arguments.

We were talking about adoption you giant fruit cake.

No. THE CHILD has an absolute right for the people caring for him or her to act in his or her best interest. That is why it goes before a court and that is something you cant get your thick head around. Now just repeat some shit you've said a million times as if you dont know how to read.

What British vocabulary

could I have used?

0 points

Boo hoo? Is that the sound you make as you sit on the unicorns head? Only kidding. You love it.

0 points

About as long as you have been an unloved untouched virgin.

0 points

What is your problem? I did not dispute the origin of the word bonfire.

In this discussion, the question is "is Hell a good fire". If you insist on using the generally agreed upon origin of the word being from "bonefire", fine. The question remains unchanged regardless. Is Hell a good fire? Is it good to know the bones of the wicked will smolder like coals as the wicked forever are dying in Hell?

How about you stick your stupid questions up your arse and whistle?

0 points

Bring on your other alter-gender personas you faggot monkey so I can ban them all

Nope. Not going to play power games with me you low life fake. Hahahhahhahahaha.

2 points

You have asked this at least 5 times now. I know you have mental problems put please try a bit harder to remember.

Obsessive much? How many times are you going to reply to me when I haven't said anything? Haha. Don't give a shit about being banned. You have no power over me you little worm.

If I had a thought about anything every single waking hour of every single day I would be very worried about my mental health. You are okay with it though? I'm worried.

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Pat Sinclair
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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