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PaulFrampton(1) Clarified
1 point

Are you familiar with children?

He's just insane. All this guy does is make up stuff which isn't true, like:-

I repeat that schools are safe because kids seldom have any problems with the disease, as well as not spreading it to others.

And yet...

Coronavirus Infection Rate Among Children Surges as Schools Reopen

The sudden and dramatic increase coincides with schools reopening across the country. articles/2020-10-01/coronavirus-infection-rate-among-children-surges-as-schools-reopen

It is very difficult to argue with someone who simply sits there making up his own facts and auto-rejects all contradictory information as "fake". You are much better off calling their doctor.

2 points

LOL, are you so naive to believe what the Trump hating fake news tells you?

Are you actually mad? Let me just see if I have this straight a moment. You are telling us to ignore all the evidence and all the facts and instead get our "news" from the alternative reality Twitter feed of a man who passed the milestone of 20,000 lies to the American public in June this year? What is actually wrong with you? Do you have a personality disorder or something? Problems dealing with reality?

The experts and doctors are saying that schools bave been safe all along!

No they aren't. I am afraid you are obviously talking absolutely stupid nonsense, because nowhere is safe where humans congregate indoors. The "data" does not seem to agree with you, so how about you go back and read it again you contemptibly stupid man:-

Michigan’s Nov. 30 report on coronavirus outbreaks in schools lists 218 K-12 schools and 37 colleges

218 outbreaks in schools in Michigan. Quite a far cry from your laughably stupid claim that schools are safe.


Please seek psychiatric help. I am afraid you are quite mad.

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